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Will you be giving out gift cards this holiday season?! Be careful which ones you buy!?

Apparently the popular scam to run this season is to steal the serial numbers off gift cards hanging in the aisles at stores, hang them back up, wait a few days until they're purchased by someone else and then use them before the rightful owner has the chance to. What the hell is wrong with people these days?

-Do you give out alot of gift cards, and will you be careful to buy ones who are in some sort of package, so you won't fall victim to this scam?

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    I've heard this to be true as well, so I guess the old saying of "Buyer Beware" strikes again this holiday season. We are giving out a few gift cards this holiday season, but I like what Walmart does. Walmart Gift Card's have their number hidden under a scratchable covering. You know how you have to scratch lottery tickets? Same here, so their numbers are hidden under the scratch off surface. I know a lot of people don't like walmart, but THANK YOU WALMART FOR SAVING US MONEY FROM THIEVES!

    As far as thieves in the stores with credit cards, they aren't using them in the stores, they take the numbers off the cards like Walgreen of Borders, of Barnes and Noble, etc...and use the numbers online at these companies online stores. There you don't need a card. This is the same way that your stolen credit cards are also used. No picture of a person, no real credit card, etc...

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    When you purchase a gift card you should always receive a recite to go with it. I purchase them all the time. On the recite it will have all the info that is on the back of the card i.e. serial number. I also give that to the person receiving the gift card.

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    Dragon most effective purchased one reward card. That is the one one she might be giving this yeer. If they cannot spend it instantly, then it isn't Dragon's fault if a few scammer spends the money.

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    We live in the electronic age now, no more mailing out cards for me, I let my computer do the talking, it's cheaper to

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    Thank for the information, heard about these scum a while back so I bought all mine on line then again that's an other head ache too isn't it ;-(

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    OMG they think of everything. Stores should not acknowledge them if they don't have the card in their hand.

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    wow who ever thought of doing that is smart. Crazy tho ha? I don't really purchase gift cards but thanks for the warning

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    difficult matter. seek over google. it will help!

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    Oh wow - that is incredible - thanks for the warning :)

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