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Are You Aware Conservatives are Better Read, Better Spoken and More Charitable than the Left.?

Conservatives are also more apt to read the Lefts blather as (contrary to the popular view of the shrill screams from the Left)

conservatives are much more open minded.

For instance (gag) I read Maureen Dowd, Kingsley, NY Times op-ed, watch cnn frequently, Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky, Molly Ivans etc. just to keep up with the liberal lemmings march to self-destruction.


Oh, and we have a better sense of humor.

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    Actually, they had this study on one of the ABC's special investigation that supported your claim. Conservatives are more giving than liberals. However, I am not sure I agree with your claim that conservatives are more open minded.

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    Bush and Bush Sr. have iq's of 91 and 95

    with 80 being retarded. i guess reading more makes you a war monger,

    Bill clinton and Franklin Roosevelt had the two highest IQs of all president.

    JFK was the best speaker of all

    Oh and by the way you don't hear about liberals donations, they don't have to announce it to the world so everyone can see how good they are. You are not supposed to make a public statement of your GOOD DEEDS but to do it anonomysly, that is what Jesus said.

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    It doesn't surprise me. The left is always saying that the right is for the "Rich" people (load of garbage), however,....we are more charitable.

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    Another conservative pole done by conservatives

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    where is your proof? Sounds like neocon rubbish to me.

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