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I really love this girl,but i m not able to understand her behaviour.?

we are working in same company and we know each other since last 1 year, but we never talked

to each other,we are just avoiding each other.also in this duration we did a lots of crush

to each other.wherever i stands she avoides to come there.

Also once i saw that she maintained the eye contact(more than second) with me,so i was

happy and i thought that she has something for me,but after some days she immediately looks

away after seeing again i thought that what is the wrong with sometime she

behaving like that she hates me from bottom of her heart,she and her friends doing abnormal

behaviour with me.

i m really confused of their behaviour.i want to talk to her but i just want to read her

body langauge.and it is confusing me.everyday i m visiting yahoo answar site and find

ing out her body langauge's meaning during whole day she did,but i m not able to find out

any conclusion.

I want to ask all girls why u are doing like this?

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    girls are just like that

    don't even try to make sense of what they feel and do

    watch what they do more than anything, it counts way more than what they say.

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    Did you have already the company/office xmas party?!

    Invite her for a dance....

    Or just start talking to her as a normal dude... interests, what she likes... bla bla bla.... and see what comes out of it...

    Or sending her roses is a hint that will point out you are interested... write a note that somehow might lead to think is you that sent them but don't sign the note...

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    My god, Dude, you sound really weird. It's not that complicated to find someone you like and have a thing with them. You're wicked confusing. No wonder why this girl is avoiding you.

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    What interior the hell business organisation do you paintings for?? needless to say this business organisation demands little to no intelligence. learn how to spell and use punctuation! As for the respond on your question, you think of that a 2d of eye touch potential she likes you? She has in all probability had a minimum of a 2d of eye touch with each and every guy that she is supplied in touch with interior the place of work. She avoids you, and she or he likes you? Is she in center college or the place of work? If she replaced into in center college, i could say she likes you. in case you're interior the place of work, i think of she is terrified of you. the way you be conscious this question, you needless to say stare at her lots. you have observed various issues, and she or he's conscious of you're staring. you do no longer let us know what you advise by utilising her acquaintances appearing extraordinary, however the way one 2d shows activity to you, I guess they have been appearing completely usually. I even have been given a kick out of this section. "i prefer to speak to her yet i basically prefer to study her physique langauge". you prefer to speak to her, yet you may particularly stand at a distance and basically watch her? there's a term for this! that's called a stalker. i think of relatively which you scare her. you in all probability stick to her around, or you stare at her lots. She avoids your gaze because of the fact she does not prefer to furnish you any innovations. She could afraid you may rape her or something! in case you prefer to flirt together with her, SMILE and consult with HER!!! you are able to no longer stand at a distance consistently, or they'll evaluate you a stalker or pervert! besides, desire this helps!

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    She is just painfully shy. You should smile at her a few times or go up and talk to her. If soemthing goes wrong then you won't have to worry about it anymore but from what you said I think she is interested.

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    She probably got annoyed with you because she gave you a hint and you didn't act on it.

    Seriously, if you're confused, just GO UP TO HER AND TALK TO HER. Say, "Hi!" Women aren't scary monsters. We're human, too.

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    how can you love a person you never talk to? sounds like a crush to me.

    just do it! ask her out to lunch

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    Girls do this because the hate us. I think it's because they are jealous that we can buy trousers that fit.

    I could be wrong though....

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    just ask her out and you will see. i have done that to guys its called playing hard to get and being shy .... maybe she is not sure how you feel about her

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    Dude a mad dog will eye you. I guess they must love you too.

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