How to get my two year old to sleep in his own bed?

My husbandand I made the mistake of letting our first child (now 2) cleep with us and we would like to get him to sleep in his own room. I know its going to be a struggle, but I was wanting any info of those who have been there done that.


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    Every child is different, and your parenting style will also determine how you make this transition.

    Co-sleeping, or the family bed is NOT unusual and about half the families in the USA sleep with their children at least some of the time.

    It is NOT a mistake, but if you are starting to resent him in your bed then it is time for a change. You are obviously loving parents, have a great attachment with your child so I have included a couple of links from two experts that may be able to help you two gently and positively make the change.

    It is not easy, and it does take patience...and one way may not may have to take a bit of this, some of that until you find a method that works for you and your family.

    Good luck!!

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    Not everyone would think that what you did was a "mistake"! It is called co-sleeping and way more people in the US do it than you would think (especially with breastfeeding babies) and it is very common all over the world. That being said, if it is no longer working for your family or you all want a change, there are ways to do it without traumatizing your child. What we did was slowly transition my daughter to her own bed in her own room. First we talked about it with her and explained that no one was getting a good night sleep with her in the bed. Then we set up a corner in our room with her mattress, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. She slept there for quite some time before we transitioned her to the hallway where she could still see our room. Finally she ended up in her own room. Some nights she still comes back but for the most part she is on her own all night long.

    Good Luck.

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    I feel for you! We did the same thing and I'll tell you, it's agony to correct it, but it can be done. Start with a bedtime routine if you don't already have one. We have two books, a few songs and some snugly time. It cues him to be sleepy. You might even let him sleep with you for a couple nights with a special blanket that you'll put in his crib.

    Transferring him to his crib when asleep was very ineffective for us, because the minute he woke up (and everyone wakes up several times a night) he expected to be in our bed and freaked out.

    Put him in his crib drowsy, but awake. It took a week of no sleep for anyone. I just couldn't go cold turkey, so I took the approach of going in and patting him without picking him up. After a week, he abruptly changed his mind and decided bed was an okay place to be.

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    I had this problem; luckily I worked for a child psychologist who gave me advice that has worked for me and my two best friends successfully! Take them to their bed lay with them till they go to sleep for three nights straight. When they wake up in the middle of the night take them back to their bed and work on what ever stage you are on again. On night 4-6 (stage 2) sit a chair next to their bed, DO NOT LAY WITH THEM AT ALL, Sit in the chair till they fall asleep (it is ok to read a story). Night 7-9 move the chair as close to the door as you can just too where they can still see you and stay till they fall asleep. 10-12 sit outside the door and out of site. When they get up return them to bed and let them know you are right there. Then spend the last two days out of site but further away like watching tv in the living room and encourage them to fall asleep on there own. In two short weeks you will get a full night sleep free of a child. Be strong and stern and this will work!

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    It will be hard but you should be putting him to bed much earlier than you. If he comes in the middle of the night you need to buy a small night lite. Take him back to his own bed and make sure the light is on give him a favorite toy and he might cry a couple of nights but he will get the idea eventually.

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    it took you long enough to realize you made a mistake. There is only one way, just let him lay there. Maybe at first you can lay with him till he falls asleep, but then that will also be a struggle. Give him something to sleep with, give him a prize for sleeping in his room on his own. GOOD LUCK

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    or daughter was 1 1/2 when my fiance started letting her sleep in our bed. it was horrible. but we got her a nice bed and made her room look really nice. the first night she cried a little bit and after that she was fine. every child is different.

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    My kid did that to me. I had no choice... I let her scream in her crib for a whole night. The next night she realized that screaming woulnd't change it and only screamed 2 hours. The next night she went right to sleep. I stayed in my room and cried softly with her and hoped I wouldn't get kicked out of my apartment, lol. Anyway, she now sleeps with me occasionally.

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    i'm so sorry to pay attention approximately your loss. How fortunate the little ones are to have you ever of their lives. properly, as unhappy as this could sound, i do no longer think of that little ones that age quite understand dying like we do. I do have faith that with their very limited understanding of dying that they are somewhat able to adapting very rapidly to their new ecosystem. i could attempt to have the little ones sleep in a mattress jointly. possibly you may desire to placed those pretend "stars" everywhere in the ceiling. those stars are what labored for us getting our 2 twelve months previous in her very own mattress. finally, create a habitual. bath, memories (of their very very own mattress) then lights out and time to sleep. leave the room. in the event that they arrive out of the room placed them back as many situations because it takes. it may desire to take hours the 1st and 2d, even 0.33 night. i'm specific that interior the week (in case you are able to stick it out) the little ones would be slumbering of their very very own beds. reliable success & God bless you.

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    Try reading him a story and staying in there for a Little bit to show him he is safe.

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