what should i say 2 my teacher?

during AZAN,(a call 4 prayers 4 MUSLIMS),MUSLIMS are not allowed 2 do anything ,even recitation of QUR'AN is also not allowed but during ZUHAR AZAN,when i am in college,my teacher instead of waiting for AZAN to end,they keep on teaching(they r all MUSLIMS).how should i say to them to stop teaching and do what it is said to do during AZAN?I wonder if they mind .....

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    1 decade ago
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    What about everyone else in the class, they have a right to learn too. I'm sure allah won't send a thunderbolt just because they carry on doing their (valuable and important) job of teaching you.

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    If your teachers are Muslims, then i would suggest that you talk to them in privacy. Maybe they don't realize that they should wait. Or maybe they feel nervous or something. But talk to your teacher and encourage him/her to wait for the azan and be a role model to you and your classmates.

    Good Luck!


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    u have the right to ask them to stay quite and ans back to the azan ... its ur right as a muslim n as a citizen of that country too ....u shud ask them politetly to stay quite n give time to male students to go n offer their prayers ....

    if they object u can take up ths case to the principal ... too


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    yes u are allowed to do things... u have to repeat the verses... if your teachers are muslims they shud now know to stop and listen and do as the sunnah described.

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    u have weird answers I DONT LIKE U

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