Can you give me some tips on how to dunk?

I can stand under the rim and touch it with no problem and I know people who can't do that but they can dunk every time I go to the Gym at school its a new person dunking with ease did I mention I am 6'2 last time I went to the doctor about 225 pounds please no negative commments

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    Practice. You need to find a lay-up that your comfortable with, including a jump. You can really do a dunk if you don't jump to do it. Try watching some dunking videos online, probably has some good ones from dunking competitions. Watch their footwork and then go try for yourself. Also, you could ask some of these other guys at school to show you their tricks.

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    1 decade ago

    Can you palm a basketball? The size of your hands has alot to do with it. Also, if you can stand under the rim and touch it, than you are jumping off two feet. A person that jumps off 2 feet will have a harder time dunking the ball while running down the court. You need to learn to jump off of one foot while attacking the basket. You also need to start out with something smaller than a basketball (volleyball) that you can palm easy. Practice, practice, practice, I did it and now I can dunk with ease. (6'4" 240)

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    4 years ago

    Carry weight to your shoulder then tip your toe. Squad down for three seconds then get up. Repeat the step. 1st timer repeat it round forty instances will do. By the way in which, the load ought to be a minimum of 50% of your frame weight. My brother can preserve the rim with each hand at simplest 14 yrs historical, a hundred sixty five cm approximately 5ft three". PEACE

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    You are going to also have to learn how to "palm" the ball so you can hold it in one hand. Stretch your fingers around the ball and continue to practice stretching them without the ball until you can comfortably "palm" the ball while leaping.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to do some things that will just increase the explosiveness in your legs. Try some plyometric excercises.

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    js lose a little more weight and work on leg strength and jumping. increase your verticle. work lower body muscles.

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