Why isn't Christianity called Paulianity when Paul is the founder?

Jesus was a practising Jew, who told his disciples they should stick to the laws of Moses. It is Paul that later came and said the people should abandon the law in order to attract the gentiles. This is depsite the fact that Jesus said not a 'jot' should be removed from the law.

In the Bible the disciples want Paul dead. He is the corrupter of Jesus's message. He had to flee the Holy Land and go to Rome to preach his nonsense. Due to the power of the Roman Empire it was Pauls version of Jesus's message that remains today.

Jesus warned of people that will come, speak in his name, and lead many astray, I say that Paul is the biggest example of this, what say you?


Stephanie B go and read your Bible, it is all there

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    You raise interesting concerns.

    There are a few things we can look at as we examine Paul's justifications.

    First, you claim that Jesus wanted his followers to follow Jewish law and that Paul declared a contrary message. Since you didn't provide any source for these claims, I'll have to guess which verses you refer to.

    You quote Jesus' words from Matthew 5:18. Here, Jesus is talking about his destiny to fulfill the law, not to abolish it. That is, Jesus COMPLETES the law. You claim that Jesus is a practicing Jew, implying that Jewish law is paramount to him, yet Jesus is seen negating the legalistic nature of the Pharisees all over the Gospel.

    After verse 18, Jesus continues to teach the meaning of the law, rather than the letter of the law. Paul's message seems to be in accord with this (since I don't know the source by which you allege that Paul wishes to negate the law, I can't speak specifically).

    Secondly, we can look at the historic Paul. What turns a man bent on destroying believers of Christ into a fervent proclaimer of Christ's deity? Either divine intervention has played out here, Paul/Saul has gone crazy, or Paul/Saul devised a clever scheme to dilute the message of his enemy.

    If you believe that Jesus is the son of God, you must also believe that God has a vested interest in keeping His own message pure. Therefore, why would Paul's message override Christ's for two thousand years? The only logical outcome is that the two are of one accord.

    Without specific references to back up your extreme claims (the disciples want Paul dead?), your argument falls into the realm of speculation.

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    i've got faith that is actual that, i basically dont think of it must be Paul that performed it. i think of it could have been initiate via greek philosophers. yet has been perverted. e book of mathew copies some six hundred of Marks unique 666 verses and perverts what mark says. e book of Mark has no resurection. right this is yet another clarification why it wouldnt be considered that paul is the founder, Paul knows no longer something of a virgin delivery, Mary and Joseph, previous testomony prophecies, in no way mentions something jesus curiously reported, Non of christs miracles, If Jesus replaced into no longer a fantasy, no person instructed Paul. Paul doesnt place the crucifiction,burial and the resurection in the international. its all in a mythical realm.(fairly undemanding back then) so which you notice.... Pauls doctorines have no longer something to do with present day christianity(nor its modern historic previous). Pauls writings predate all the different writers, even the gospels. Acts contradicts Pauls version of his own conversion besides. there is much better than may be reported.... ill pass away it to others, be it christian or atheist..... the reality may be gotten. Jesus replaced right into a fantasy. like quite a few the different demise and increasing Gods of the pagans. Jesus replaced into meant be to the Jews, what uncle sam is meant to be for people.(relatively diverse in character nonetheless) merry christmass

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    You're right.

    Most Christians acknowledge that Christianity is based not on what Jesus said, but on what Paul taught and the ideas agreed on at the Council of Nicea.

    Jesus told the Jews to keep the Law (Matthew 5)

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    Because Paul isn't in fact the founder. Paul's own letters make this clear; he writes to a church in Rome that he confesses in his epistle that he did not found and has never visited; I would point out that this very church he explicitly states he did not establish is the one that became the Catholic church's capital city.

    And he acknowledges in Galatians that James the Just, St. Peter, and St. John in Jerusalem were the "pillars" of the church, and that he had to convince them of the worth of his mission to even be allowed out on the road with the message he was preaching.

    In 1 Cor he calls himself the "least of the apostles."

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    Your information (thesis) is not correct.

    1) Jesus was not just a practicing Jew - He was God.

    2) He did not say to stick we the law of Moses, He said he fulfilled the law and established a new covenant in Him. But the law is fulfilled in Him - every jot and tittle - it was men who had convoluted the law.

    3) What Paul wanted to do, of course, was to attract the Gentiles but now in Christ, not in the law, was the understanding he had of his mission.

    4)The disciples did not want Paul dead after they saw he had converted - there are accounts of he and Peter many times in Acts. At first, before his conversion, they knew he was a Pharisee who persecuted Christians and were concerned about him.

    Paul did not lead people astray, but always pointed them to Christ. He was the great messenger and communicator of the truth of Jesus as God who redeems and saves - which is Christianity. There is no conflict of doctrine between Paul and Jesus. He spread the message in Jesus' service.

    I am a Christian and I worship Jesus, who is God, not Paul, who was a man and his messenger. Although Paul's writings are precious and deeply meaningful to me. I don't know any believers who worship Paul....

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    "Paul, an apostle (not sent from men, nor through the agency of man, but through Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead)....but even though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed...For I would have you know, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man. For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ (Galatians 1:1,8,11,12)

    In Acts Chapter 15 Paul presented the gospel he preached to the Church at Jerusalem, and received the full endorsement of the Apostles and the elders, including Peter, John and the Lord's brother James.

    It was not the disciples that wanted Paul dead, but the Judaizers who were his greatest adversary. It asserting such things you have not rejected Paul, but Jesus Christ who commissioned Paul, and you bring a curse down upon your own head.

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    Peter and Paul worked together. Sort of like a prophet and a son of man. Paul was the most orthodox Jew of the bunch, I believe. Get the facts straight.

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    Jesus personally chose Paul. He was the foremost example of Gods love, and grace.

    Paul was a Jew, of the tribe of Benjamin, which Rachel his mother died giving birth to.

    He was also a Roman soilder, and Scholar in the Law.

    Get some of your facts straight before you spew off like that. Pauls a pretty crusty man, and would'nt appreciate the slurs.

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    Sometimes religions are named after the thing being worshiped, not the founder. Otherwise, the name is derived from something else, but it usually isn't names after the founder.

    For example, Mithraism is the worship of Mithras, not the people who started the belief. Also, Islam is not called Mohammedism, and Mormonism isn't called Joseph Smithism.

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    Give me Bible verses to back up this argument.

    When did Paul say to "abandon the law"?

    Where does it say that the disciples wanted him dead?

    You're just pulling stuff out of the air.

    Romans is a good book to read about this whole law thing. And what Paul really says.

    You'll find that Jesus was also "accused" of abandoning the law.

    There's a really good series on BBC religion about Paul. You should see it. It's really good.

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