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where can i find a set of 2.73 gears?


on what cars? year, make and model please

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    You can get gear sets at or for around $170 usd. The process of gear changing is quite technical and absolutely must be done correctly or service length will be effected and the noise will be horrible from the rear end howling and clunking

    Heck, if it's for a 8.5" Gm, pay freight and you can have the ones out of my van later this spring. It's getting 4.11's so it will pull my trailer with ease.

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    the 98-2002 camaro's and firebirds came with a variety of gears including 2.73's. Look inside the doorsill for a tag with a bunch of 3 digit codes on it.

    GU2 = 2.73 ten bolt posi

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    Try a junk yard. A lot of the old Camaros and Firebirds had 2.73 gears.

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    You might also look into Ford E150 Vans. Many of them used 2.73 gears to keep high cruising RPM at a minimum. I actually owned a '78 that had them.

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    thats a typical passenger gear,depends on the type of rear and whats it in you can probably get the whole rear end cheap at a junkyard or try speedway

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    Try a dealership , but they will cost you . Try a wrecking that has Internet with connecting wrecking yards / as so try your part stores they sometimes can get those parts

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    you should be able to find these at a good junk yard there pretty common gears to find good luck ,have a good x-mas.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    Try ebay or a part store!!!

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