Do you know any lonely person you could invite on Christmas Day, even if only for a cup of coffee and cake?

I try to do this every year. Sometimes it's pleasant, and sometimes it can be an ordeal, but I feel better for doing it. It's incredible how many lonely people there are out there.


I'm far away from your area, morgorond, but If I could invite you over, it wouldn't be because i pitied you or anyone else. Concern and love for your fellow human beings is a better reason. I don't think Jesus Christ performed miracles for people because of pity, but because he loved them, imperfect though they were.

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    I am inviting a soldier, most of them are far away from their homes and family.

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    I recently moved across the country and am far away from family and friends. I wanted to invite other people I know will be alone over for an informal Yule gathering, but have noticed the people of Michigan are far less social than the people of California. Everyone I did invite looked at me like I had a second head. Of course, I do live in an old funeral home, so that might be a deterrent to the more superstitious members of my small community.

    No matter. I have a cat, and for our Yule meal we have decided on a menu of Phyllo-wrapped Salmon filets with cream sauce, sauteed fresh green beans with dried cranberries, rice pilaf, winter fruit salad and apple tart tatin with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. Not only do I NOT have to eat lutefisk with my family this year, I don't have to share with anyone other than a 5 pound kitten!

    If someone were to invite me over for coffee and cake because they felt badly I would be alone, I most likely would not attend. I do not care for being invited over out of pity. I would simply point out that I already had plans, I have a young cat and am therefore hardly 'alone', I appreciated the invitation and wish them a blessed Yule.

    I know not everyone is like me in that respect, so good for you for at least checking in on your solitary neighbors.


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    After reading your question I am thinking & not sure if I know of anyone? But will continue to think on it & invite someone. My church delivers 10,000 donuts to fire stations, police stations, prisons, hospitals, military bases, etc. Service people that are working Christmas day which can be lonely too. God Bless!!

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    I am going out of town this year, so no, I don't, but I think what you are doing is nothing short of wonderful. And it shows love to the unloved....the true spirit of Christmas.

    I always invite friends without in town family to Thanksgiving if I am in town.

    GOOD for you!

    Merry Christmas!

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    What you could do this year is go to one of your local nursing homes and visit those there that may not have any family that comes to visit. Even the ones that do, they just love it when people come to visit them and have them listen to their stories they have to tell. You could maybe bring along some flowers, inexpensive ones, and hand them out to the residents there. Believe me, they would just love it.

    Source(s): Used to work in a nursing home for many years
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    I in no way drink espresso on my own, yet i like to pout slightly espresso in a tumbler of milk. I drink that approximately 4 circumstances an afternoon, plus numerous cups of tea, that's what i in my view love. i substitute into in no way addicted to caffeine, and in no way took plenty, yet think of i'm, now, by using fact i can in no way sleep, these days, and that i choose something to maintain me conscious, in the process the day. happy Sunday!! :)

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    Invite an elderly neighbor, any retired person or a shut-in. many of these folks have no immediate life-line and could use a friend this time of year.

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    You sound like a very kind and loving person. i would'nt mind doing that everyday if i we're in a different situation. love you for it, have a great holiday.

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    i'm a recovering addict and can only say GOD BLESS YOU we (addicts) are left alone and mostly forgotten at this time of year. i spent thanksgiving alone it was awful. i'll do the same at x-mas. i've been clean/sober 23yrs. and yet to welcomed back.

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    I like you! That sounds really sweet. :)

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