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Can you get any SERIOUS disease from kittens about 1 month old?

They were born in our house and have lived there ever since.They hardly come out from under the sofa, so they have never been to the vet.They only take their mother's milk, and she hasnt been to the vet either.

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    Wow, what a wide variety of answers you've collected here!

    The short answer to your question is No. The only way the kittens might have a disease is if they caught it from their mother, and if she were diseased you'd probably know it. There are very few diseases that can carry from cats to humans. The only really serious one I know is rabies, but if they had that, they'd all be dead by now or at least very, very, obviously ill.

    Not ALL kittens have worms, that's silly, BUT it is a very common parasite and so it's a good idea to have them checked. Worms can be caught by people, usually by handling their poo or dirty litter.

    The cats need to be handled so that they won't be totally wild. They've probably made a horrible mess under the couch, too, and that needs to be cleaned for your health and theirs. The kittens will need to go to the vet for a checkup and some shots to keep them from getting nasty diseases as they get older -- the natural immunity they get from their mother will be wearing off soon.

    Oh, and please, get Mommy cat spayed so that she doesn't have any more litters of kittens. Otherwise you'll soon have dozens of cats! The vet can do this, it doesn't cost much, and she'll heal quickly.

    Good luck!

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    They need Shots and Deworming..Also The Mom needs to Have a Blood test done for a few Fatal Disease that is contagious to other cats..If she is Positive her kittens will be as well...Only the Tapeworm comes from Fleas and people Rarley pick up those kind of parasites.You can get Cat Scratch Fever..Its a Real Illness! Rabies Which will kill you .But If the Mom stays inside they would all be dead by now if they had that...Ringworm is something that Cats like to Share(Its a Fungus Not a Worm) Pregnant Ladies shouldnt clean litter boxes period!..You really need to tame the Kittens and get them Vetted...They are going to have a stinking Mess under your Couch!!!!

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    not a cat that young. There is always the possibility of getting intestinal parasites from the cats if you don't wash your hands after handling the kittens and mother. I would recommend taking mom to get checked out and when the kittens are 6weeks old taking them as well. They all need to have an exam and vaccinations and dewormed if necessary

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    Do not be fooled by silly answers. You can not get a serious disease from indoor cats (exception: allergies). Nevertheless, these kittens have to be vaccinated and neutered and so should the mother.

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    Other than worms and fleas, cats can carry toxoplasmosis. It is not serious in healthy people (causes flu like symptoms). However, it can cause birth defects and/or miscarriage for pregnant women. My understanding is, like chicken pox, once you've had it you don't get it again.

    (If all the cats, including mom, stay exclusively indoors, they most likely won't contract or carry toxoplasmosis)

    You do need to play with them NOW. Don't wait too long or they will be wild.

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    You can't but other cats can.

    You should really be handling them. Kittens that are not handled properly often end up feral and dead. Do you really want feral cats in your house. So then they get kicked out and dead in the streets.

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    do the kittens have fleas?well if so you need to deworm the a put some flea treatment on them the only thing you need to worrry about is WORMS like tape worms round worms.AND worms come from fleas

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    There is no way that two seperate species can transfer an ailment on to another species, except for rabies which can be transferred amongst all species.

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    all kittens need to be wormed!!!! you can get worms from kittens. you can buy worm medicine at the gorcery store or any pet store

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    You can get the black plague, denge fever, malaria, lyme disease, eyeball cancer and brain tumors, rabies and even bulgaria from month old kittens!!! Please be safe and wear Kevlar body suits when handling them, and fumigate the house once they are gone. Its just not worth the risk.

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