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The post holes at stonehenge 10000 years ago not made by civilisation?

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    Yes, there are four or five post holes at the Stonehenge site which have been dated to 8000 BC. It is an open question whether they are related in any way to the other constructions at the site four to six thousand years later.

    "Civilisation" is a very imprecise term. We have traces of people who lived 20,000 years ago - look up the cave paintings of Lascaux, or the Ishango Bone. We have remains of townships from almost 10,000 years ago - look up Catal Huyuk or Catalhoyuk. Early 20th century ideas about the emergence of civilisation were biased in favour of those who created long-lasting stone buildings or artworks, so they began around 3500 to 3000 BC.

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    Yes and No! Mesopotamian civilization extends from maybe 5000 BC to the conquest by Alexander the Great. Stonehenge was built around 3000 BC. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there was no civilization before or after that date. It’s just that we can roughly define the time when some ruins, remains, monuments were constructed. The Celtic culture around Stonhenge didn’t start a civilization. Back to your question: If you want to know what is older, Stonehenge or let’s say Ninife, it is Mesopotamia. But you didn’t ask for ruins, you asked for the civilization. Once again: they may have co-existed around the same time.

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    Interesting, but ...

    1. Use correct spelling, you'll get better responses.

    2. Phrase your question with more information so people know what you're asking and you'll get better responses.

    3. Give links to the information you provide so that people may research it and decide for themselves how best to answer you or give you their opinion.

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    Doesn't "civilization" imply organized construction?

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    huh? learn to spell check dude.

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    I don't understand your question

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