Are irreligious, immoral and unchristian people groups, non rational ?

Irreligious people groups have so manipulated and mocked things that they have falsely convinced some mentally immature Christians that they are smarter or more intellectual than them. From what I see, unbelievers are not only intellectually weak but emotinally immature, but sometimes Christians refrain from saying the truth for fear of being backed into a corner.

By the very definition Christians are rational and the irreligious God deniers are non rational and sensual, trust me. Hold them to it.

There is a difference between irrational and non rational. I say these people groups are non rational by choice, not irrational. Niether can anyone truly say any believer is irrational because belief in God is the most rational position one can have. The cause of the dispute between us is not one of rationality, indeed we are purer than they in terms of what it means, but it stems from the fact that they are not rationalists, but sensualists


Again the usual non rational answers, first most unbelievers, dont adress the argument I made, second they display ignorance of the meaning of rational and therefroe misuse the word according to their slective, subjective judgement. I know exactly what I am talking about.

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    When you are just a descendant of Adam,you are confused.When you are born again by the Spirit of God things clear up.

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    you say things are thus, and then prove that they are thus by restating that they are thus. that defies all rationale. belief in anything that has caused as much destruction and mahem as god is irrational, as well as non-rational [sic]. christians, yes even you, were duped by a preacher of some kind who claims to be smarter than you and knows the ways of god better than you. so what do you do? a rational person would question them, but not you. you take their word for everything and in fact pay them 10% of your total earnings! WHAT? A) they go unquestioned and B) they get PAID? that is very VERY irrational.


    I would like to address quickly the person below who insists that atheists are lower class people because they cannot plan for the future. that is akin to a schizophrenic calling you a loser because you don't have as many "friends" as they do. your "future" after you die is not guaranteed by anything other than a delusion. now, for the most part if you are going to defend your faith, please leave LOGIC out of it. you misuse the terms common in logic to create this sophistic and arrogant "argument" for something that by defnition CANNOT BE PROVED! If it COULD, then there would be NO NEED for FAITH. So just leave rationale out of it.

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    Dear friend, firstly, from a rational point of view things such as morality and religion depend upon referentials - especificaly morality, if you check it´s definition, you´ll see that it depends on values assigned by a group of people to a given thing, so in africa or some other place for instance, it might be ok for 14 yo girls to marry elder men. In islamic countries it is normal to have several wives... Moral depends on the cultural context of a given group, so there´s no such thing as immorality. And for religion, well, even atheists have their own, which is: "To believe nothing". You my friend should certainly be more concerned about YOU... Don´t think about others and you´ll be happier. Let them be whatever they want ok? Free will remember? Regards, Gabriel.

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    convinced. the IRS could maximum likely scrutinize all such communities, the style of which has exploded ever because the idiotic very best courtroom determination in voters United which determined that "firms are human beings" (organic POPPYCOCK!). The so-pronounced as "Tea social gathering" of 2009 (a acceptance swiped from Ron Paul's already-in-position flow with out his permission) began as a lobbyist-funded ragtag hate-spewing crew of insane-bratboy Glenn Beck staffers (noted on "The Rachel Maddow coach"in 2009), then were given funding from the rightwing exremist company-colluding FreedomWorks (Dick Armey) and individuals for Prosperity David and Charles Koch) really to objective Democrats-in effortless words city hall conferences with scripted and choreographed chaotic disruptions to dam insurance reforms and well being care from being handed. that is a collection that could no longer be eligible as a "nonpartisan tax-exempt" status and it likely could were and proceed to be scrutinized. Scrutinize ALL communities that got here after the voters United determination, I recommend. Prosecute ALL fraudulent claims, too.

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    Why is it rational to impose "GOD" as the reason for things you don't understand? Why is it nor more rational simply to say, "I don't know?"

    Why is it rational to denigrate thought in favor of faith? Why is it rational to stop asking why something happens?

    Why is it rational to assert a moral system based on reward or punishment after death when there is equally no evidence for such a system? Why is such black-or-white thinking even beneficial when making ethical decisions?

    I find your thinking fraught with emotionality, not clear thinking.


  • Lone
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    Everything in your argument is based completely on conjecture and opinion. You have presented no facts to support your claim. Although, were you to attempt to do so, I seriously doubt that you could even find any facts to support such a position. As such, your entire argument is completely irrational.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh yay! Another Fundie zealot spreading that intolerance and ignorance that Xianity is so well known for these days. And doing it with such a shining example of the typical ranting diatribe. This is textbook. Truy textbook. Write this one down.

    You do credit to your kind, bub. ;)

    Source(s): I have a terrible time taking these fools seriously.
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    1 decade ago

    Saying everyone who disagrees with you is 'non rational' without any evidence is about as irrational as it gets.

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    Why must we put people into categories by our religion? The religion isn't going to tell you if people are Rational or Irrational.

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    1 decade ago

    Believe whatever you like.

    Trust you? Are you some kind of expert?

    As far as I am concerned, they are far more rational and intelligent than many god believers.

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