Sign in to yahoo??????

After signing in to yahoo mail, an associate has her name on the site but a vertical blue line centers in the middle of the screen and entire operation is froze---only way to get out of site is to control alt delete. What is causing this?????? This has never happened when I sign in.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think your computer attacked by an spyware.Do you have the software called "spyware doctor". If you have that try to scan your computer for spyware.If you don't have that, try to download it from internet (trial version for free).You can also try to detect spywares through "AVG antispyware 7.5". It's available in

  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunately, i don't have an answer for you, but i wanted to let you know that i am experiencing the exact same problem. i loaded some updates on my computer yesterday, but everything except yahoo! mail is functioning normally. i'm hopeful (?!) that it's a yahoo! problem. i hope someone figures out what's going on soon. i'd like to read my e-mail!

  • 6 years ago


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