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my computer is shutting down by itself?

my computer is shutting down by itself after some running time.what are there reasons may be? RAM,fan,CPU or motherboard?also there is some noticeable overheating and I think that the fan cannot cool it enough which result in system shut down.does anybody have any suggestions what to do or other ideas about this problem.

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    If you noticed it heats up, this is surely the cause. But what heats up? If it's the CPU, replace the fan and the heatsink with better ones that will match the type and speed of your CPU. If it's the RAM, replace it or install a fan near it on the case. If it's the hard disk, install a fan near it or replace it if it started to make "suspect" noises.

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    have you checked the fan in the computer's power supply and the fan above the processor inside the computer? They should be replaced immediately if any one of them is not functioning otherwise it can damage the components

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    Also, make sure you do not have it set to hibernate mode. Make sure you shut it down properly and reboot.

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