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What is the difference between a medical acupuncturist and a?

traditional acupuncturist in the state of NJ? Can medical acupuncturists call themselves "licensed" when in fact they are not?

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    Not sure about NJ but it sounds familiar.

    In the UK a medical acupuncturist would be someone that has a medical qualification i.e. gp, osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist and probably a few others too. They treat according to the biomechanical model. They think in terms of western anatomy and western medical theory. They will most likely have studied acupuncture as a specialization towards the end of their studies.

    A traditional acupuncturist will follow 5-element theory. There are acupuncture points that treat the organ from an element point of view. They will treat the Zang-Fu organs and most likely prescribe herbs to support the acupuncture treatment.

    In the UK it is the medical acupuncturists that are licensed to practice on the National Heatlth Service (NHS).

    A traditional trained acupuncturist is only allowed to practice privately. I know of quite a few mainland trained chinese physicians with 7-year degree courses behind them that can not treat under the NHS because they have no western qualification.

    I think it is down to the individual to decide wether they would rather be treated by a medical acupuncturist who learned the skill as a specialization and will doubtfully have more than two years training in the subject.

    Or wether you get treated by a traditionally trained acupuncturist with a 7-year degree in their subject.

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    They need a license.

    State of New Jersey

    Acupuncture Examining Board

    PO Box 46019

    Newark, NJ 07101

    (973) 273-8092

    (973) 273-8075 Fax

    For more information:

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