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i'm still a growing girl. my breasts are way smaller than everyone else my age, but that's not my concern. i want to know that is it because i'm still growing that my breasts are really lumpy the whole time, somedays when i push on the lumps they really hurt, other days, they're not there or don't hurt. Did any of you get this when you were about a size 32A? i'm scared that there's a problem! i'm NOT going 2 a doctor or anywhere to get it checked - that's really embarrassing!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure what your talking about,but i suggest you visit the doctor,lumps in the breast could mean breast cancer and the faster it is treated the better.If you are embarrassed find a lady gynecologist.My breasts get lumpy and start to hurt when I'm about to get my periods and after my flow is over the lumpiness and the pain disappears.

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