my recent question on low hcg hormones?

i recently posted a question about low hcg hormones my dr. told me that mine are low and i am ten weeks pregnant. but what i didnt mention in the other question is that i did get an ultrasound done yesterday also and we saw the baby and the babys heart was beating... he didnt seem to concerned about this but when i looked it up i saw that low hcg can cause miscarriage. im worried but the dr doesnt seem to be.. i am not due to see him again for 4 weeks so is everything okay? im confused about what i should do,. This is my second pregnancy my first flew by with no problems like this at all....

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    TAKE very good care of yourself, and see what happens. No point in worrying... which of course can CAUSE loss of pregnancy...

    I still HOPE you straightened up your personal life...

    Source(s): I am not harrasing you, we just learn and know more in our 40's
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    I wouldn't worry. If the doctor doesn't want to see you for 4 weeks, everything is going according to plan...if you are worried, call him! That's what he's there for. Tell him you feel insecure about the low levels and want some reassurance.

    Often times, low levels are indicative of a miscarriage however they don't always mean one. Only 85% of healthy pregnancies have "normal" hcg levels.

    Call your doctor and good luck.

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    As long as your baby is growing on target and there was a heartbeat your going to be just fine!!

    HCG stops doubling after the 6th week, so its normal for your #'s to not be much higher than your previous #'s. If they dipped a little its ok..your #'s will fluctuate all throughout your pregnancy due to hormones.

    Dont stress, and enjoy your pregnancy!! If your dr is not concerned then dont worry!!!

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    Put your Hcg levels into this calculator. It will help you see what the numbers mean. Ask the nurse for the hCG levels if you don't already know them.

    Personally I think you're in great shape. The Hcg levels mean nothing next to seeing a heartbeat. If your doc's not concerned, you certainly shouldn't be. congrats and best of luck to you.

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    everything will be fine look at things the positive way and always remember things happen for a reason so take care of your self and congratulations you are going to be a mom be happy you know many people wish to have the opportunity you have to have kids and they cant so look foreword don't worry and be happy new baby coming up don't you see even i am excited for you girl don't worry i will pray for you and you family so everything can go fine enjoy your pregnancy and take care


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    Well don't stress about it, that could make matters worse.

    If your doctor shows no concern than neither should you. He knows best and if he thought you were at risk he wouldn't wait 4 wks to see you. If the baby is showing healthy signs and heartbeat, than everything is fine.

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    i'm so, so sorry hun! (((hugs))) easily, i do no longer think of that's all that low. bear in suggestions, that's no longer the selection itself that concerns, yet that it doubles each and every 40 8 hours. hang in there, i'm specific your toddler would be basically high quality.

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    if he is letting you wait 4 weeks to come back, then i am sure he believes everything is fine. try not to srtess yourself out, that is the worst thing you could do. Good luck to you.

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    If our Dr. isn't worried, I wouldn't stress about it. What will be will be and you can't make it better by stressing, you'll only make it worse. Good luck!

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    iw oudlnt stress it unless your dr is

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