What can you buy for an 80-year old lady?

I'm pulling my hair out trying to come up with a useful gift for an 80-year old female friend of the family. She can't use perfume/body lotions because of allergies; she can't eat sweets because she is diabetic (she doesn't eat sugar free candy either); she doesn't wear jewelry; she has more store/supermarket gift cards that she will ever use; I've given her writing cards/paper and stamps but she has arthritis and can't write very well; she has more sweathers, shawls, clothes than she will ever wear; She doesn't read or watch much t.v.; she does not get manicures or pedicures either; she won't go to the hairdressers either (she got burned once and never went back to one); one of us cuts her hair when it needs to be cut; PLEASE GIVE ME A FEW SUGGESTIONS! Thank you.

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    how about a male escort...granny needs action too.

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    Perhaps she'd enjoy some nice music from her era or some pretty, embroidered linen hand-towels for the kitchen or bathroom. If she enjoy's tea or coffee, you could buy her some gourmet teas or coffee in a giftset or some decorated sugar cubes to fancy up her tea a bit. Maybe she'd enjoy a year's membership to a local museum, zoo, etc. to get her out of the house once in a while.

    One of the most creative ideas I've heard of was my girlfriend and her husband planted 100 various bulbs in her grandmother's garden on her 100th birthday so that every spring she'd have something beautiful to look at from her window. Maybe you could do something similar. If she doesn't have a garden or space for one, you could give her an indoor herb garden so that she'd have some fresh herbs available when she cooks.

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    Would a nice picture frame with a picture of your family or an old family photo be something that she would enjoy?

    Last Christmas we got my husband's 90 yr old Grandma a nice, very soft blanket that she could use while she was in her easy chair.

    Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • snvffy
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    Yep, that's a dilemma. I had the same problem, but solved it this way for my mother's 85th birthday. My sister, brother, & I had a party at my sister's house, and I took loads of pictures at the party, then framed a bunch of them in a collage that she hung on the wall. I hope she enjoyed it.

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    What I found was a stuffed animal that has its own bed and snores as it breathes. you can watch the pet breathe it is so soft,cute, very loveable, and doesn't need to go for a walk or to be fed. Just a little cozy thing.

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    Go to a nursery (where they sell plants) and find some potted bulbs that are starting to grow. They are planted so they grow and bloom in winter; you keep them by a window (or outside if weather permits) and water them, that's it. It's nice for the winter, and when they're finished blooming, she can plant them or throw them out, whatever.

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    Funny! 100!

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    Buy her a cheap pistol from the street corner and some ammo. Show her how to shoot it so she can blow her brains out since she obviously has nothing in her life worth living for. Or you could spring for a night at a male strip club, either one should do her in.

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    1 decade ago

    picture frame with a pic of family



    every old fart love some good polpouri lol

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    1 decade ago

    a 70 year old man, she doesn't need to supply him with any of the above mentioned items,because he has the same problems,a dinner date....you will be surprised when she throws away her cane and goes out with him...........

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    1 decade ago

    Buy here alot of flowers and give her a huge

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