what is the problem with my car?

every morning or every time i let my car sit for awhile i have too let it run like 10 minutes before the gears kick in and be ready to go. someone told me it might be my throttle body position sensor.do anyone else have an oppinon.ps i have had my tranmission filter and cleaned already,and it only does this when the weather gets cool.

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    you did int say what kind of car you have so its real hard to answer this one,,each car will have its own problems,,good luck.

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    You've got a converter drain back problem. What happening is all the fluid in your torque converter is draining back into your transmission pan. When you first start it up in the morning, the torque converter is empty and needs to be full before it can create enough fluid pressure to apply low clutches.

    Let me take a wild stab and say that after it finally moves, that it doesn't do it again until you leave it sitting for a long while.

    Now depending on what vehicle you own, It might be an easy fix or it might cost you. Some of the drain back valves are in the valve body, some are in the pump body and some are in the transmission cooler line.

    As long as you let it run for a few minutes before you try to get it to move, It won't hurt the transmission, but If you crank it up and rev it til it moves, then it will burn up low/Reverse clutches and will need an overhaul.

    That's the only info I can give you until I know what type of car it is. Hope this helps!

  • jdm
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    Have you checked your fluid in the transmission? Why not start there...it's free to look and only about $5 to fix if you're low, which it sounds like you could be.

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    Sounds like you are going to need a new transmission soon. Have the fluid changed and see what happens.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The most common problem on 1964 VW Bug is the linkage above the third member bushing gets worn form the......

    What do you drive????

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it may possibly be the vacum sensor hose from your intake manifold to your gearbox, when this becomes partialy bloked it can cause this problem in older automatic cars

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