1995 chevy astrovan. no heat?

heater core not plugged

hoses not plugged

i even bypassed the heater control valve. it has straight flow and return. what is it? waterpump? the engine cools fine.

i pull a heater hose off and there is no antifreeze coming out while it is running. nothing out of either hose at heater core.

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    I had a similar problem with my Chevy. the car would not overheat, coolant level was good thermostat was replaced (I even got one 5 degrees higher) but no heat in the car. I then checked the heater core and it was not plugged. anyway, after much frustration and money spent it turned out to be the water pump. Although the pump didn't have any leaks and the bearings were tight the water fins inside the pump had degraded so that there was insufficient water pressure in the cooling system. I replaced the pump and now I have to open my windows to let cool air in the car as the heater works great!

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    There has to be something plugging up the output side of the water pump, pull the hose off the output side and look in, slide a screwdriver in the pipe(not running) see if anything seems to be blocking the output. This is a really simple setup. A previous owner may have gotten tricky and stuffed some sort of block in the hose where you can't see it, because the heater core probably leaks. Good luck!

    Source(s): I am a mechanic.
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    It may be the upmp or you have a air lock in the system check out your rad pressure go to a shop and get them to test your system it could be your thermostat but if the engine is cooling fine I'm kinda stuck have you been going thru antifreeze it could be a low level of antifreeze in your system and a head gasket problem. Really have someone look at it.

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    1995 Astro Van

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    Replace thermostat. If that doesn't work, try replacing the

    heater core, itself. Had a similar problem with a 1996

    Chevy truck. Resolved it with thermostat and heater core replacement.

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    If nothing is coming out, it sounds like it IS plugged. Run some stop leak through the system to clean it out, and have it professionally flushed. You cant know if the hoses are plugged unless you pulled all of them off and looked all the way through. good luck.

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    i own a repair shop,and i,ll tell you what it might be,,i have seen the fins on the water pump wear out so bad that they wouldn't circulate the water enough to push it through the engine,,but yet it wouldn't run hot,,but wont get an heat either,,you might want to look at it real good ,and see if this could be causing it,,you seem to know enough about it,,im sure you,ll get it fixed,,good luck,have a good x-mas.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    most likely need to replace thermostat. it is stuck in open position. easy fix and cheap. follow upper radiator hose to water neck. remove water neck, thermostat is under.


    either details were added to your question or i didnt read completely before answering. disregard my answer, go with dodge man's answer.

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    sounds like your thermostat is stuck, you have something pluged, or do you have a head gasket leaking on the out side somewhere

  • 4 years ago

    yep sure will

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