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Why is it that the world doesn't believe vampires to truly exist?

All over the world we believe in invisiable gods, ghost,aliens,witches,and bigfoot.So why is it so hard to believe that vampires truly exist. Is it because no one has come across one and if that is so. The stories of them are to keep their identities hidden. So how would we know if they exist or not.

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    alot of peoplpe DONT believe in gods, ghosts, aliens, witches, and bigfoot. humans as a species will only believe something if they have proof, and even then there will be people who don't...i personally have never met a vampire and have no proof to their existance but i see no reason for them NOT to exist..however i still wouldn't say they are real until someone showed me proof...but i would never dismiss vampires as fake...anything is possiable

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    It is impossible to prove a vampire does not exist. You can only work by proving what does exist. Is there evidence for vampires other than the stories? There are stories for vampires from many different cultures from around the world, but that does not prove they exist. Stories can be a starting point in an investigation but they cannot be evidence because a story is too easy to fabricate or embellish. What you need is an example of a vampire that can be studied. No such specimen has been found.

    Science cannot spend time believing in what it cannot prove exists. If so, then there are all sorts of mythical creatures that would be in the science books and people would be coming up with new creatures all the time. Every few decades or so a new chupacabra would come along. It is true some people believe in things they cannot prove to exist. I say, let them believe in them. It is making them happy. However, that does not give them the right to demand or even expect others to believe in their ideas as well.

    Not everyone believes in invisiable gods, ghost, aliens, witches, and bigfoot. Not everyone believes in dowsing, ESP, homeopathic medicine, or miracles. There are some people who expect proof before they cast their belief in something.

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    Here's a good scientific reason (when common sense won't do), and a dam funny article too:

    12:57:38 - Science - Add comment Posted by Features

    We can all rest easier now that a physics professor from the University of Central Florida has proven with mathematics that vampires do not exist. Costas Efthimiou says that despite the popular belief in vampires, math says there is no way their population could sustain itself.

    Efthimiou started hypothetically with the year 1600, and by estimating the human population then, if one vampire created another and that vampire then created another and so on, the planet would be 100% vampires within three years. Without humans, that would leave the vamps nothing to feed on but cattle and rodents. Not a sustainable agricultural plan by any means.

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    Specifically for vampires? Among other things, they'd die out right away.

    Think about it. I am a vampire. I must drink blood, and in doing so I will create another vampire. There are now two vampires running around, and whenever we need to feed, two more people join our cause. Then four, eight, sixteen, and so on. It couldn't sustain itself.

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    Because no one that has ever survived an encounter with a real vampire and came back to teach anyone about just how real they are..................................... Also those that have seen a vampire do its dirty work on someone. Are just not belived by the general public............. So like so many other things this world will just have to learn their lessons the hard way........................

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    Vampires EXIST!!

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    my ex wife was a blood-sucking old bat,who incidentally was seen walking up and down dark back streets at night looking for her next "victim"i tried putting a stake through her heart until i remembered she didn't have one!and im not wasting good money on a solid silver bullet either,or is that a werewolf (her mother)makes a werewolf look positively beautiful in comparison.

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    They exist, but they are few, they have fangs that do bit into people. Only if they like you, they don't kill people. Vampires actually ask if they can suck your blood, they don't do it with force.

    You have to be pretty lucky to meet a vampire, they are very very choosie.

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    i agree with you in believing He is the One who created us..if there is no God, how would we describe our existance..??Like things around us we invented them for chairs,we sit on do us..we are created by God to do good things in this world as there is life in the thereafter..a real.mortal life..forever..

    but i tremendously not believe in ghosts,aliens,witches,bigfoot and so does VAMPIRES..these creatures are not exist but DEMONS AND GENES do exist..demons and genes are created differently..not like humans.they have different figures..and they seems scary..all those listed above[ghosts,aliens etc.] are the forms of demons and genes..that is why God created them not-to-be-seen by us,human [unless we tend to harm their places or themselves..sometimes even when we are not tend to harm them they still interrupt our lives as they think they are in danger] they have scary,monsterous in look...

    truthfully we, human dont really know much about the unseen world of the other creatures..but they know us more than we ourselves do..

    and not forgetting another creature ...ANGEL..

    God created all the creatures including human do have a peaceful life and remember there might be no rewards here but it will be given in the thereafter..

    Source(s): the Holy Quran
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    Blood-suckers who secretly drain and live off the marrow of others? They do exist. Ever heard of Hilary Rodham Clinton?

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