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Has anyone tried the CLAY BATH products that suppose to detox your body-did it work for you?

Magnetic Clay Bath ClearOut Heavy Metal Body Detox suppose to detox your body as you take a bath.

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    You can't detox externally. You have to do it from the inside out.

    Colonic Detox

  • durfee
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    i have not attempted the ones exact models, however any form of clay product will pull out impurities. you know the way clay can variety of separate while water is further to it? and the way it may be variety of drying? the dynamic at the epidermis is the equal. i can not provide an explanation for it however i used to do facials. clay is fine & does do that, however not more than a few occasions per week. it could actually make your epidermis produce extra oil in case you use it greater than that. banana additionally pulls out impurities. i am not definite how. i consider it has to do with enzymes. p.s. if it says to do it gradual, i've a sense that there are different parts in that product that can be a little bit powerful or focused. do not use it too normally! well good fortune and feature a laugh!! YAY for lovely epidermis!

  • SKG R
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    In India we have Special Mud,We call it Mud bath,supposed to clean the skin inside and outside.

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