Any info on Microtel computers....?

Does anyone have any info on Microtel cpu's? I have been searching high and low but can't find any owner reviews. I'm looking at their notebook's and they look pretty impressive for the price their asking.


By the way, I found the computer on the Military BX/PX website (online shopping for soldiers). They only have contracts with three companies that can sell computers thru them. Dell,HP, and Microtel... So I'm pretty sure that they are reputable enough or they would'nt be allowed to sell on the site. You can also buy computers thru Toshiba and Sony, but you can't customize their pc's. I'm mainly wanting to hear someones opinions of Microtel. I've heard good things from Toshiba, OK things from Dell, and mostly bad things from HP... I'm just not sure about Microtel.

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    it will most probe be part of the cheap scape... big brand names.. boxed and sold under another name... yes everything looks impressive. when it comes cheap... the thing about these is when anything goes wrong and the manufacture is hard to get hold of,

    read some of the stories.

    The big companies are only box shifters today, they don't manufacture, like they used to.Today every thing is made in china and shipped here, then when anything goes wrong it's hard to get through to the support dept. and when you do, it s hard to understand what they are saying cause they don't speak good english

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    Microtel Computer

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