What can I NOT do with a felony?

ALRIGHT! I have a dumb question that probably has an obvious answer, but I don't know so I'm hoping a few of you can help me out. What are the jobs that you are not likely to get if you have a felony on your record? Career-wise. I did something stupid in my younger years, and it won't be eligible to be expunged from my record for six years. I'm definitely going to have a college degree by then, but I am wondering what career choices I should go ahead and cross out so I don't waste my time when picking classes/career paths. (for example, I heard if you are a felon, you can't be a cop, etc. etc.) Thank you!


Actually, I can still vote because I was not actually convicted. I am on deferred probation for it. But, an employer or school can still look up and see I was arrested and why... which does narrow my choices a little.

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    If you remove it from your record, you still, by law, have to inform your employer if they ask. Most ask "convicted of a felony in past 7 years". Some employers may overlook it depending on the circumstances.

    You probably will never be able to teach (in public school) or hold a government job.

    You can't vote (something I don't think is right).

    You'll have trouble entering the military *(big loss!)

    Most jobs that involve money:banks, big business, etc. may be wary of you depending on your felony.

    Artsier careers may be better bets, but some employers aren't yet to jaded to take a chance. It all depends how well you present your case/application/interview.

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    most states will ban you from teaching if you are under investigation for or convicted of a felony...felonies can not be expunged from your record...if you are tried and convicted of a felony then you were tried as an adult...only the records of minors with convictions for misdemeanors are expunged, in most states...I would get a clearer understanding of your legal situation from a lawyer...

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    You can't do any job with any integrity, so you can be a Politician....Lawyer, Judge, Doctor, Mayor, Governor, President, or a Catholic Priest... see you have hope!

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    There is also a good chance you would not be allowed to become a nurse.

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    you can't vote

    You asked us what you can't do with a felony. If you haven't been convicted you can still do everything.

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    You dont have to go to jury duty you luckky dog you....

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