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what in the muslim faith or folklore is a jinn?

i see a boy sized jinn with a deep voice and a old sharp face wearing "shades"on the end of his nose, sitting on the back of a park bench. other asian youth were sitting properly on the bench seat,as i passed he said loudly all right mate?i responded allright ,the asian lads looked at me and each other and said oh allright as if i asked how they were first,i didn't know them,the jinn laughed as i passed but the lads were unaware and sitting and talking quietly amongst themselves,it was a strange experience to say the least,was this a mischevious jinn and what does it mean by appearing to me i am white and a male .

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    Stay away from the wacky tobaccy and you won't see that stuff.

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    The Muslim take on Jinn is that they do exist and they have their own language, cultures and the like. Quite like humans without the solidness.

    I have seen a few in my time; a gray one coming out of a kitten, a black one and a brown one. They were more smoke linke than anything, not a liquid or a gas, smoke like is the closest description I can give.

    You most likely ran into a pranskter; like I said before they have a lot of human attributes.

    Jinn don't care if a person is white or pink with bright purple polka dots they choose to appear and they do.

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    a jinn, in ancient Arabian mythology and folklore is a genie (you might notice the similarity between the two words, many words have reached English through Arabs, such as sugar and sukkar)

    Typically they are gigantic creatures, with supposedly magnificent powers attributed to them, inspired by the loneliness of the Arabian deserts. There is a legend in which a valley called Abkar was inhabited by jinns, which were assumed to inspire poetry, the most powerful form of art favoured by the Arabs, from this legend come The Arabian word Abkary, meaning genius.

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    You couldn't have seen a jinn, so I think that someone was taking the mickey:

    Definitions of jinn on the Web:

    created beings made from smokeless fire. In many ways they are a parallel creation to humans, as there are Muslims and kafirs among them, they are born, have children and die, etc. They can see us, but we cannot see them. Trying to see or contact them is forbidden, and Muslims are encouraged to protect themselves by constantly remembering Allah.

    in Islam, an invisible order of beings, created of fire, who possess extraordinary powers and, like humans, are accountable for their actions. Some jinn are good, others evil. Angel. Also known as djin and genie.

    Powerful and magical invisible beings created by God out of smokeless fire. They can use their power for good or evil. Djinns live in a parallel world to "ins," or mortals, and often appear to ins in disguise.

    "Genie" is the anglicized word for the Arabic "jinni | جن". In pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and in Islam, a jinni (also "djinni" or "djini") is a member of the jinn (or "djinn"), a race of spirits.

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    The only people who can actually see djinn are prophets, and since Mohammed was the last prophet and djinn exist in the world of Islam, saying you have seen one is somewhat sacrilegious. Djinn are beings created by God from "smokeless fire". They have souls, can believe in God, have families... all the good things, unfortunately they can also be naughty and tend to bear grudges for generations. The best defense against the djinn is not to speak of them, or think of them, and to pray. According to the literature, this is usually defense enough against them, but if you are actually seeing a "djinn", then you are not really seeing a djinn at all (if you believe in Islam) and you have probably imagined it due to a psychiatric condition, or are getting "gas-lighted" by the local kids.

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    A jinn is like a genie.

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    did you get a good look at its feet? for that's the dead giveaway, (apparently), for whilst djinn or jinn are shapeshifters capable of assuming human or animal form, for some inscrutable reason their feet are always turned backward!

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