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What is the best hair style for short hair but very manageable?

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    layers, wispy bangs, and just enough so it falls to your collar...cute, sassy, and sexy...mine looks like my avatar...

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    With short hair, it depends completely upon the texture of your hair. If your hair is straight you can do anything. Get it cut by a stylist you trust, lots of short layers in the back, i think they call it "tapered" with long wispy bangs in the front. You will literally be able to wash it and go.

    If you have curly or wavy hair you will want a little more length - ear length or as much as chin length - and you'll need to give it some attention in the morning. I love frizzease for that. I just run it evenly through wet hair, comb my part into the right spot, then scrunch my hands through it and let it airdry. Perfect ringlets every time and it looks very old hollywood.

    Or if you're not into that, you can still use frizzease to prevent frizzing as you blowdry it straight. Either way, if you want curly or wavy hair to be manageable, it will either have to be very very short, or at least long enough to put it a ponytail.

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    When I see ladies with the short hair cut and it's spiked in the top, I really like that look!

    Ultimately though, you have to know what YOUR best look is based off your experience with your own hair. I dont think anyone can logically answer this question, beyond what they look personally. However, that may not be something you can keep up. Point in case, a number of people who get their hair cut short, run out and get the latest style not realizing, how often you may have to get your hair trimmed or permed for it to look nice, hair texture is a factor with certain styles or what if your head is to big for the style! LOL I could NEVER rock a short hair-do for that very reason; my head is big and I have a round face. Long hair is my look and it frames my face. Plus, I don't run to the stylist and need the luxury of a ponytail, inbetween appointments.

    I would suggest going to a stylist (your stylist) and getting an opinion 1st.

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    You can do so many things with short hair, depending on how short you can flip it, spike it, or wear it curly.

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  • the most stylish is razor cut!!!it rocks!and is easy to manage....your hair is just cut in steps that's it!it looks cool!

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    I just cut mine a inverted bob and I like it, and very easy to do.

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