sharp pains with cramping?

My husband and I are trying to conceive. My period isnt due to start till next week. I never get cramps until a few hours before I actually start my period. Last night and today i have what feels like menstrual cramps and when I stood up from my desk, I got a sharp pain on my left side in the front that went away just as fast as it came. I know every woman is different but just wondering if anyone has experienced this pain and if its normal to start cramping this early?

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    1 decade ago
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    It could be implantation that usually causes cramps and i think that you are pregnant sharp pains that come and go when you make certain movements is a symptom i hope you guys are pregnant and congratulations

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    Hello I'm going though the same thing too. I'm about a 6 days late. I'm having that sharp pain and cramping. More like sharp though. I'm going to try to take a test this weekend if it doesn't come. Well wish you good luck. Sorry not too much of an answer.

  • gombos
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    4 years ago

    I'm quite excited about figuring out too, on account that I am 37 weeks and five days and having identical pains, besides the aspect pains are in my again. I recognise everybody has often requested you this, however have you ever tined them. for me, they only retaining coming and going so I do not consider that mine is "real hard work," however potentially a signal that hard work is close? When is your subsequent medical professionals appointment? Since that is new I might ask your general practitioner, or if you do not desire to trouble your general practitioner name hard work and supply and simply ask them in the event that they consider that it's some thing that you just must are available for. I used to be instructed by means of my general practitioner that so long as they do hold going away and do not get nearer and more potent, then surely they're braxton hicks. And whilst your frame is getting towards hard work you are going to often begin to get braxton hicks extra traditionally for the duration of the times.

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    I didn't, but it's possible that you're pregnant. Wait until you miss your period and take a test. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have been having it but for me it means sth else, I had all these sympotms and thought for sure I was pregnant but I am not, not to discourage you but sometimes it can be sth else or your body plays tricks on you

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