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Women, When evaluating a man which is more important, Looks or Money?

Pls. indicate your age, Are you overweight or thin. Your looks(1) Below average(2)Average(3)Above average. Your income(1)Struggling(2)Successful(3)Very successful.**Please refrain from 'off subject' rants.


Try to focus, The options are (looks) or (money)

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    age......52...........average weight.........average income.............good looking!!!!!!

    looks is my choice. who'd want to be married to an ugly man with lots of money? just kidding. Really though, money doesn't matter. We don't have a lot but we've made do with what we had and I'm content.

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    When I was single I would evaluate a man by noticing how dependable he was. Whether or not he went to work, whether or not he fulfilled his promises or at least tried. Looks are only important when it comes to attraction and you should be attracted to someone you might possibly spend the rest of your life with. Money is all all about greed. I look at whether or not the individual can pay his bills and still afford to go out once in awhile.

    I am extremely above average. My weight is average. My income, personally, is struggling its way through college.

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    Never ask a woman her age! I'm average weight, average income, and feel successful. A man should have a job, not be going into debt over foolishness and his looks doesn't matter as long as he takes care of himself. He doesn't have to be a health freak just tries. Actually I judge men more on who they are not the other two.

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    i use other values when evaluating a man, there has to be some initial attraction with looks but that could just mean a great pair of eyes rather than all over good looks..i don't need his money..i look more for intelligence, similar interests and how he treats people in general

    over 30

    not overweight, not pencil thin

    above average

    above average successful

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    19. Thin. Above Average. Successful.

    Looks are more important than money.

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    18, thin, above average and i'm in school.

    i think that looks are more important although neither are really all that important. but i have to be at least a little physically and sexually attracted to a guy before i even concider dating him.

    Money's not all that important , it comes, it goes. Looks are a lot more definite

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    Seems to me that you are looking for something more than an answer if you want to know what they look like. My answer is neither, you need to like the person for who they are not what they have or the way they look. They may look good, and have money,but that doesn't make them a good person, it is what is on the inside that matters most of all. As far as what I look like it has no bearings on the answer to your question, because if you aren't up to someones liking that doesn't matter as long as you like yourself and are confident in who you are. Have a great day, and hope that you find what you are looking for.

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    I guess I'm shallow but Money. Unless he's a jerk. I'm in my 20's and thin-average body type, not that it matters.

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    It doesn't have to be either/or. Why can't gals like a guy who is good looking and has money...LIKE ME. 6 figure income and smokin' hot bod.

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