somebody please tell i have only screen name of a person how to get his profile?or his mail id from yahoo.?

few days before i post a question for my business dought in yahoo question and i got a right reply from a person now i want to ask him questions frequently about my business but i dont have his mail ID .i have only his screen name.

when i went on search their where lot of person on same screen name tell me how to find that right person. i am in need of his mail id.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you have that person on ur messenger list....right click on their name and click on contact the bottom left hand side it should say their real screen name which is also their e-mail for yahoo all u have to do is type in their sn followed by, compose an email n send it to that name, and there u go. u have successfully mailed them......if that doesnt work try this link............. well hope this helped...

  • arzate
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    4 years ago

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