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Can women be more nasty than men?

Why are some women very spitefull?

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    yes. I ran a bar for years,and had more problems with women than the men,for sure!!! they think just because they are women you can't stop them>

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    Yes a lot more worse cause they lie about.Because of history's past men are viewed as the nasty ones we cheat,we lie but women do the same thing and worse cause they try to justify it.Then every women you meet thinks she as been done wrong by a man and even if she as when she gets a good one she does not know how to act.Worse cause every song on the radio by a women is men bashing or every women on T.V. is talking about how they don't need a man.Just shut up and cook me some food,clean the house,wash my clothes,Iron my shirt, pack the kids school lunch and wait for me to have sex with you.

    Source(s): Ex was nasty and spitefull
  • Loli M
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    I used to think that women had corner on the market for nastiness but recently I was shown that I'm wrong. I have seen a a man I know do some down right horrible, underhanded, spiteful things lately.

    Guess both genders are capable of nasty.

  • mac
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    Yes. Without a doubt. Sad to say, the image we have in our society is men being brutish and selfish. What the media refuses to show is the brutuality women show towards other women. Some women aren't raised to be fierce competitors with other women, as a result, they get bullied and lied to by more aggressive women.

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    women ARE more nasty than men.

    I know this--I am one and I can admit that we are more spiteful. When men don't like you they are pretty blunt about it. but women can be sly, mean and cruel and often start from a young age! you should hear about the mind games girls in the 3rd grade can play.

    why? well... its a fallen world. there is a lot of pressure on women, to be certain things, to have achieved certain things----not that there aren't equal pressures on men, either. but women are fed fairy tales and princess stories, and the images of thin models and the ideals of perfect housewives or career women with balanced Everything...

    If you are talking about an ex perhaps, or someone you observed, she's probably hurting and this is the way she reacts--being spiteful. we're not big and strong, so we can't really pick a fight with a guy. but if you hurt us, we scratch back.

    its not mature. its not healthy.

    anyway, good luck. please hold forgiveness in your heart. no reason for two people to suffer. god bless.

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    Women can be catty and petty, but men are more serious when they get that way. Women may spread gossip and try to destroy your reputaion, but Men will try to DESTROY another person, period. Men will Kill and make war, women at least, know better. Look at history...sure some women kill, but empirically, men do more damage, and are truly more nasty. Women are just more vocal. They get their rage out that way. They vent. Men explode.

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    maybe in part because they harbor hurt feelings for a long time and keep acting on them over and over and over again

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    Yes they can, especially if they dress up in black leather and metal ---and some men love them for it.

  • ral
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    we sure can, but it usually men that make us that way so you only have yourself to blame!

  • Anonymous
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    sometimes but there were chauvanistic men behind it

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