Why would a mother be telling everyone that her 4 month old son just passed away?

It was in the local news paper that the baby had passed. My friend told us(me,her father,step-mother,step-brother) that while she was waiting on the mother's table she kept saying "i'm sorry i'm taking so long, my baby just died" or "did you hear that my baby just died". I'm just wondering why someone would be telling everyone that a child just died?


She wasn't sitting alone, my friend told me that she had others sitting with her.

Update 2:

i completely under stand auntb93. That you have to tell people about it. But she just kept saying it over and over again to my friend every time she went to the table to give drinks or bring food. and it wasn't in a sad tone or anything.

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    Because it is dominating her mind. She probably has trouble thinking of anything else at all. And she wants to share the news with everyone she knows, because it helps when people express their sympathy.

    I did the same thing when My Steve died. He was an adult, but he committed suicide, and I wanted to tell our friends and acquaintances because I thought they would consider it weird if someone else told them and they said, "Well, I saw B just yesterday, and she never said a word to me about it." In other words, I wanted to be the first to tell them.

    It is not just good news you want to share, after all. You want people to know what is going on in your life if you like them and believe they like you. It helps them understand why you are acting differently.

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    No one understands how a grieving mother or father feels when a child is lost. I lost a child and I was 4 months pregnant. Maybe she felt embarassed. I mean, one minute you are pregnant or you have had the baby and it passed a way and then the next your are not pregnant or you have no baby. Not everyone reads the paper. I know that when I lost our son, some people didn't know and my supervisor had announced it at work, my first day back someone came up and touched my stomach and was like, "how's the little fella." Losing a child is very hard, your children are not supposed to beat you to heaven.

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    Maybe her baby did die. Many people work through grief differently. If, you have a local Hospice, call them and ask about the stages a person go through when they know they not have long to live. When we grieve we follow steps similar to Hospice Patients. At first she may have a depression-shock and seem out of touch. Soon she may realize it is true, and express anger (Be ready on that, it not you, they angry with), next they may show resentment. Last may be the actual Grief. Just be supportive best you can. Then they start to accept and move on the best they can. I feel it something I would never get fully over, just go on the best I could.

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    i could guess your oldest daughter has been an incredible help in looking after her youthful siblings and won thank you and compliment from mom for doing this variety of great activity. possibly that's her way of feeling related to her mom by utilising appearing like her? you may desire to assign specific chores to her so she has that related feeling yet yet does not grow to be overwhelmed- and you survive top of problems with the quantity of issues she does. you may desire to hire a provider to help with housework so which you're unfastened to administration the little ones and so maximum chores are performed before your daughter gets residing house from college. Her assisting at dinner or bedtime is a reliable element for her and on your different little ones.... as long as there is play secure and not only her protecting the regulations approximately what should be performed. She is the only lady now in a house crammed with boys so could sense that's her "place" to take on the what she sees because of the fact the womans place. the way you're protecting all of it jointly in any way is superb! Pulling jointly seems the organic element to do for a loving family individuals that has suffered this variety of loss and could take time for the "general" behaviors to reassert themselves. basically by utilising asking this question potential you're conscious and worrying and could do what's mandatory as time is going on.

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  • If something was just recent, I can understand she is in greef, but I do not know how long ago she lost her child to say.. If a long time has passed....... It could be for attention.....As if my friend who lost her daughter, she tells eveyone, my daughter died.. as if it was yesterday, and it has been over 14 years.. She still gets cards from people she meets about her daughter and even gets money to help pay for expenses.. her daughter passed away when she was 3 months old of SIDS...

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    The poor woman is overcome with grief. I cant even begin to imagine how I would react if one of my children died. Everyone mourns in different ways and deals with death on different levels.

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    When my infant son died everyone was so unable to think of what to say to me that instead they chose to pretend it didnt happen. I found this incredibly hurtful and found myself avoiding the subject, even though I desperately needed to be able to speak about my son and share, with anyone, how sad and heart broken I was, unfortunately, my husband was one of those who just didnt want to talk about it. Even now on the anniversary of his death I have to go to the cemetery and grieve on my own. It may just be that this woman was desperate to have ANYONE acknowledge her pain and grief.

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    She might want some attention and for people to feel sory for her. Or it could be just the way she is that she has to let everyone know that she just had a baby died. Or she could just be making excuses for something. Like i am sorry i am late, my baby just died.

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    Can you imagine how you would feel if your child passed? I know that i would feel...... well I can't even describe it. When somebody that close to you passes you would want sombody to comfort you. Maybe she is just looking for that. I cant imagine that she would just be trying to show off or somthing. That would be inhuman.

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    Maybe she was trying to make her self believe that it really happened or maybe even try to convince her self that it really didn't happen. Really nobody can be for sure. Things happen for a reason good or bad.

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