Does anyone know a Poker website that isn't rigged?

I've been on two or three and they all seem well bent to me

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    nope!!! i think they are all rigged! especially pokerroom aka jokerroom, and betfair.

    i am on quite alot and they all seem the same, my boyfriend is on about 15 and he aint found a good site either! is good for graphics but thats about it. reminds me of jokerroom. they used to be good. untill they got tons of members/users...ya never know, maybe im just sh1t!! lmao!!! :oP

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    Full Tilt and PokerStars are both good. Neither are rigged. I've won money playing online for a couple of years now and have tried many sites and found these two to be the most profitable.

    That said, I think most of the big name sites are not rigged. If you're playing at a big name site and are losing, it's probably not because it's rigged, it's because you're not good enough. A lot of people who don't win think it's because it's rigged, but in truth they are just not good enough. Poker is a difficult game. I know some pretty good players that are not good enough to win when playing online against other good players.

    Another reason people think it's rigged is because they often see bad beats. Well that's a bigger part of the game then most amateurs think. If you look at the odds of a lesser hand 'bad beating' a better hand, it's often not that bad. Your AA will get beat by 9Ts almost 1 in 4 times. Nobody ever remembers the 3 wins, but the 1 loss is like the end of the world.

    Combine that with the 'implied collusion' of low limits poker and it feels real bad. Implied Collusion: so many people call with bad hands that the combined bad calls are colluding against you to seriously reduce your chance of winning.

    That said - a winning player still makes money because he plays the cards right more often than the other guy, so in the long run he wins more than loses.

    PS - Be careful of 1 or 2 table sit and go's. It's very easy for 2 or more players to collude against you. Also, if there is anything fishy to worry about playing online, it's not that the site is rigged, it's that it's easier for players to collude. Watch for it and report it if you see it.

    PS PS - You are probably in the same boat I was in couple of years ago, when I first started. I was a good player in the home games, but when I very first started online, I didn't win. I studied. Hard. And realized I wasn't as good as I thought. I suggest you do the same. I put some of my favorite books in the source section. Then practice. Play well within your limits.

    Source(s): <---- poker odds calculator Super System by Doyle Brunson (great NL Holdem section that doesn't exist in the 2nd version) Winning Low Limit Holdem by Lee Jones Middle Limit Holdem by Bob Ciaffone Harrington on Holdem vol I, II and III by Dan Harrington (execellent for tourney strategy, but kinda tight)
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    5 years ago

    1. No. Certainly not most, can't swear to 100%. 2A. What do you mean, make the software transparent? Give away their program so anyone can take it? 2B. Why would the government make a company give away it's code? How do you know there aren't regulations? 3. The charges against pokerstars from the US had to do with US banking laws, nothing at all to do with the legitimacy of the poker playing. Lastly... already been answered. I'd be happy to look at evidence of any wrongdoing, and when poker players themselves found the problems on absolute, which had to do with a corrupt user, not the randomness of the cards (they've never had a problem with pokerstars) I looked. 99% of the time, the complaints are just people that whined that they lost with no evidence. For instance, you've presented no evidence, even though your already have your mind made up. (Possibly better off going to a real forum to have a conversation as opposed to this site. Little chance I'll look again to see if you added anything further)

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    You probably aren't as good as you think you are or are playing at limits that are too high for you.

    Any "established" poker site won't be rigged....

    1) plenty of people keep poker stats via programs like PokerTracker. If anything happened that defied all laws of probability - the news would spread like wildfire in the poker community & the site would lose all its business within a week.

    2) there's no motive for a poker site to be rigged....the site will get its entrance fee from all the players & take it's rake from the cash games.....the site gets its money from all the players - there's no motivation at all to rig the system.

    If you're truly claiming that a specific site is rigged - you must back-up that claim with us some stats - give us every detail & let's look at it. To date, I'm unaware of any "rigged claim" that has ever been backed up with any actual evidence.

    Remember that you're seeing a TON more hands online than live - so if you see twice as many hands online - then you're aces are getting cracked twice as often over the long haul (which also means they're holding up twice as often over the long haul).

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    I second all the folks who say most sites are good. Any site spending serious advertising money is almost certainly okay...they can make far more by building a reputation than by scamming a few people. Before the U.S. passed the gambling law in October, PartyPoker was worth over $10 billion (yes, that is b). Several others figure to be worth in the billions as well, so there are huge stakes to play for. The large ones I can think of would be UltimateBet, Mansion, Full Tilt, Pokerstars, 888, 32Red (888 and 32Red may be more British than anything else...I know I see their ads on Premier League games), Doyles Room...Party and Empire for those outside the U.S...probably a few others I'm forgetting. I've seen a couple that I thought were "bent", but they were pretty small, and there may have been a reason they were small.

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    You can be fairly certain that an online poker room is legitimate when it has been in operation for some time -- say a year or more. My reasoning is that players will quickly discover any foul play, publicize it, and drive the offending site out of business. (This is similar to how restaurants succeed or fail in their first year; customers come in, sample the food and service, and then either return and tell their friends... or they never go back.)

    Another way that you can be fairly certain that an online poker room is legit is by looking for accredation by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and eCOGRA. Gaming sites that are members of these organizations agree to be bound by certain rules and regulations regarding fair play, dispute resolution, and the like. In my opinion, sites that are members of these organizations are legitimate and can be trusted.

    You can read more about these organizations at the following links:

    Kahnawake Gaming Commission -

    eCOGRA -

    You can use The Online Casino Gambling Directory to find gaming sites that are members of one or both of these organizations; click the link that corresponds to where you live:

    Kahnawake Gaming Commission member sites:

    United States residents use this list -

    All others use this list -

    eCOGRA member sites:

    United States residents use this list -

    All others use this list -

    On a related note, eCOGA also regulates online gaming portals and directories. I am proud to say that The Online Casino Gambling Directory has been an eCOGRA Reputable Gaming Portal since October 2006, and bears the eCOGRA "Play it Safe" seal.

    Best of luck!


    If you have found this information useful, please visit The Online Casino Gambling Directory (the link is below), link to it from your site, blog, and MySpace page, and tell your friends!

    Source(s): The Online Casino Gambling Directory: How to search and filter (2 minute video): Using the 'Hot searches' feature (2 minute video):
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    1 decade ago

    Poker sites are not rigged. You just have to play online poker differently from real life poker. The only people who think online poker is rigged are idiots that can't play. They choose to blame their 'bad beats' on a rigged site rather than accept reality.

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