me and my bf doesn 't use protection anymore and he don't withdraw why would he want to get me pregnant

he says he want me to be his babymama but i havent ended up pregnant yet but he wants it so bad why????? and we are teens

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    I get the impression that this guy is your first and ONLY sex partner.

    Having already begun having sex, it will be hard to

    just SAY NO AND STOP HAVING SEX but you CAN do it.

    If not, the next best course of action like most have already told you, NOW the ONUS of SELF PROTECTION is on you.

    BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX AGAIN, go get a dictionary and look up the word ONUS.

    If you STILL decide to have sex with this guy,



    for example, the female condom.

    I believe that to be the most effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases; (STDs).

    Take if from me, little darlin', that guy that you are having sex with may be the only guy that YOU are having sex with but, believe me little girl,

    YOU are NOT the ONLY ONE that HE is having sex with.

    By asking you to have his baby he is just trying to prove his mastery and control of you.

    He has to prove to his little buddies that he is the man.

    Unfortunately, the ONLY way that his young mind can prove that to him and his buddies is the use of his dick.

    How sad.

    Tell him to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL; GO TO COLLEGE or THE MILITARY or AT THE VERY LEAST, GET A JOB that he can grow with the company and be able to PROVIDE for that child that he wants YOU to have AND also to be able to PROVIDE FOR YOU AND HIM as well.

    Most likely tho’, you’ll outgrow him when you look at other guys his age that are doing more than just PLAYING MAN.

    I am UncleDaddy.

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    Hey hun... first of all, being a young mother is nothing to be proud of. Consider your life five years from now.... do you want to be able to go to parties with friends and have a normal twenty first birthday out at the bars having a good time, or do you want to have to worry about getting back to a baby at home. There are so many things you are sacrificing by having a child, please consider them all. However, I do believe that once you have had sex and wind up pregnant, that you have taken the responsibility of a child into your own hands. There is no reason that given these circumstances you should get or think about abortion. The boy you are with probably feels threated that you might leave him for another guy or you might find another life partner. Truth is honey, chances are five years from now you wont be interested in this boy and you will want to move on, or time may tear you apart for unknown reasons. And it will be harder to find another partner once you have had a child with another man. Get on birth control, or stop having sex hun. There is no reason to have a child in your teens, trust me you will regret it!

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    He probably doesn't want to get you with baby - He just could

    not pull it out before the old sperm can running out and into your womb. There in lies the egg ready to receive that happy juice that makes life. That life is a baby that must be taken care of and mothers that go through a lot just to get it into the world. Then the diapers, the changing, the clothes, the doctors, the RESPONSIBILITY, A real little human being that needs his mom and dad to always be there.

    Why did you not wear protection - Why did you not prepare for such accidents in sex - shame on you both - And now you want to know if he was trying to get you preg. - or maybe you were trying to get preg.

    Safe Sex Always ! or you may end up with a child that you can't be responsible for. I is simply called a R U B B E R !!!!!

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    can you support a child on your own? Taking care of a baby is hard work...much harder than you think! What happens when he's not interested in the "baby thing" anymore? You are stuck with this child and he is off living his life! First of all, if you are still living with your parents, it would be very rude and inconsiderate to get pregnant. This problem becomes your parents problem too! This is not fair and very childlike!!! I would look out for yourself and tell your boyfriend to wear a condom! If he can't, then do not have sex with him anymore!!! I would also go to a doctor and get your own birth control pills. There are many types of birth control out a doctor's advice!!! If your boyfriend loves you he will understand about you wanting to off parenthood right now! You are young so live life to the fullest...and not with a baby!!!

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    because he's an irresponsible tard. I think it's dumb not to use protection at this time, 1 your too young, 2 AIDS, and 3 it's not that hard. If he's not willing to use a condom I would go to the school clinic and ask to be put on birth control but that still doesn't cure you from AIDS and STDs. How gross will that be when you have to tell your husband that you have herpes or you're HIV positive. Take care of yourself and drop the loser!!

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    I think the real question is: WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET PREGNANT? It takes two to make a baby, you can't pin this all on him.

    It's a biological urge for men to impregnant women, that's how they pass on their genes. And like most teen boys, he's not really thinking of the consequences.

    No offense, but I'd be extra worried about STDs (AIDs, etc.) with this one!

    USE PROTECTION. He'll disappear once you're pregnant and you won't get much $ from a teenage boy!

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    this answer is probably going to be make some people mad- but you need to stop having sex. Sex before marriage is wrong- and you say you are a teenager. Even protection is not always fool proof. I know women who got pregnant on the pill. Also it does not protect you against STD's and Aids. If your boyfriend really loved you he would wait, plus he would not want you to have a baby- like you even said yourself -you are just teenagers.

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    #1... What is wrong with the 2 of you?

    #2... You shouldn't even be sexually involved!

    #3... The both of you should be educating yourselves not only on pregnancy but STD's that are transmitted through unprotected sex!

    You just as much at fault as your boyfriend is, for not saying no! It's an easy saying "NO" He obviously doesnt want to make his future easy for himself and he's not caring about yours!

    You gotta say something fast!

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    if you are a teen i would recomend you talk to your parents or someone in your school you dont want a baby so young and its hard in todays world haveing a baby and no job you need to finish school and finish college so you can get a good job and have a stable life first before haveing a baby wait till your an adult and married first so the baby has a family.just make sure you talk to an adult they will help you through this

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    Perhaps you should cut him off until he decides to use a condom. Or maybe you should consider the birth control pill. Kids having kids is a bad idea and it sounds like you know that. Sure you can be the one to get pregnant with his kid - how long do you think he will be around to support you and his child? Please don't ruin your future for the sake of a 2 minute romp..

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