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Xmas gifts for others......?

We are giving a few xmas gifts to a few kids (neighbors, nieces, nephews, friends kids) We always mark the gifts from our kids names...So its to and from kids...Most of these people prolly wont get us gifts in return - Which is fine, I know we all have problems with money....How do I give the gifts, say or anything...I dont want them to feel bad or feel oblicated to get our kids gifts in return.

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    Of the answers you received so far, I like Garland's best. Present the gifts at the last possible time (Christmas Eve) so that the can't return a gift. If they apologize for getting gifts, simply reply with his comment that it isn't a trade.

    At my work, we don't "exchange" gifts. Some of my co-workers are less than friendly throughout the year, but at Christmas time, one in particular always delivers gifts around the 15th of December, which is thoughtful, but unnecessary. Personally, I think it is to receive a gift (or a trade). Instead of receiving a gift from this person, I'd prefer a Good Morning! or a Hello! every once in awhile instead.


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    Distribute the gifts when it is much too late for them to go out and get a reciprocal gift. For those who will remark that they are sorry they didn't get your kids something. Simply say, "It's a gift , not a trade. We just wanted to make you smile." Leave it at that.

    We often use this practice with teachers, busdrivers, and children. The idea for us is to GIVE.

    It's wonderful to hear that there is someone else who also enjoys gifting w/o expectation.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Don't worry too much about their feeling towards to a gift giving.

    If you worry too much then they will might feel it too when you give them a gift.

    Maybe you don't want to give them a too fancy gift but consider something that kids can really enjoy and your kids will might play with them too with neighbor's kids.

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    Why don't you have a little christmas party for them and see how it turns out. even if you give them gifts they might have a little something to give back even if it just a thankyou. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU

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    "probably" not "prolly".

    No need to mention anything.

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