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Interesting: Most women and young men say no. Most older men say yes.?

The marriage counselor says that all men cheat? Do you believe this?

She says that all men go through mid-life crisis between 38 and 51 and cheat. She says that their wives know but won't acknowledge it or they know and just write it off like an man would menopause moods. She says that a woman will not know only if she is not very smart or is very good at deceiving herself. Do you believe this?

She doesn't say that marriages should end. She is encouraging forgiveness. She is a bit condescending about men on this topic but she is not bitter. She seems to find it all amusing. She is 60 and has been married 30 years.


She writes books about the subject and has two PhDs, from top ten universities.

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    I do believe that almost all men cheat, and I do believe that almost all women cheat too. But if two people are truly in love they wouldn't cheat until one or the other is not satisfied or happy, insecure or just depressed. There is always a reason to why someone cheats and of course there are times when its just because it sounded fun at the time, or some other stupid reason!

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    I think she's nuts. Not all men cheat. A lot do, as do women. But you can't say all do. I've known couples that neither have ever cheated and they are in their 60s. Granted a couple are very religious and would NEVER do anything wrong. I also have friends that have been married nearly 20 yrs and are 40 - I know for a fact that neither would cheat. So, if you find the RIGHT person to be involved with you don't need to worry.

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    Umm I wouldn't say that all men cheat. But I think women cheat just as much as men. If it's in you to cheat then you will. There is really nothing that supports that it is a sure bet that men will cheat 100% of the time. I think this person you are seeing has been cheated on a few times. You say that she is not bitter, but she is not adressing the issue from a neutral point of view.

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    no I don't beleive that all men Cheat!

    Maybe most but any counsler that says ALL is very incorrect!

    I bleive most men go through a mi-life crisis! but that don't mean they cheat!

    I don't beleive that alll woman are nieve! most maybe but it's more of a comfort thing! a security blanket!

    I would agree Marrage should be TILL DEATH DO YOU PART like in what you say at the wedding!

    I think her thoughts are one sided and very amusing i would get a 2nd opinion! she dont seem as a good source for information! she uses words to make you think ALL men are bad and I feel most men are bad or do bad things but No ALL... mabey she is going insane from her marriage. I don't know but ask her to give you resources for her thoughts of cheating! I would like proof of this! and there is none! even if she surveyed 100,000 men between the ages of 38-51 that don't account for EVERYONE!

    Mad luv

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    Age is more important the younger you are. As you get older age gap is not so important. I would say when you are in your thirties a women may well see a man of 40 attractive and mature and the man would see the same in the women. I think if a man is 50 and wants a twenty year old its lust a trophy cant see the love bit in it. When you think about it a few years make no difference at all and an older man is more mature, more experienced and understands a lot more about a women, often more secure and settled job wise, so they can have a lot to offer. I should add that there is 13 years between my wife and myself. When we got together she was in her thirties and me forties.

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    That's just unethical. Does she have a PhD? I would check her credentials. She sounds a little jaded and bitter. I would find another counselor at least for a second opinion.

    Edit: Use common sense. All men don't cheat. Maybe everyman she comes in contact with cheats, but look at her profession. That would be like me counseling drug addicted teens and saying all teenagers are on drugs.

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    That has been my experience ( execpt for my graduate school boyfriend who to this day is faithful to his wife as far as I know.) Maybe the results show that women do deceive themselves and the young men have not hit the age yet!

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    In order to know that she would have talked to all married men. which is proably about 2billion people. All men don't cheat, not even in America. No one asked doing reserch asked the men in my family.

  • i think that a lot of men do cheat but i think that it is just as much the woman's fault as the mans because if she was satisfying him or not nagging all the time then he would probably be happy with her

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    It's hard to believe that a so called professional would make a stupid statement like that. What's even harder to believe is that someone would believe it.

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