please tell me if thyroid desease can cause you to develop rashes over your skin please help.?

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    Depends on the thyroid disease you have. The most common, and I would guess, that you have Grave's disease. It is an autoimmune disease which means your body seems to think of itself as "foriegn" and may attack it. Those with 1 Autoimmune disease tend to have other's as well which may be the cause of your rash. I would see a Dr in your case. If you are a Female in her 20-40s, this is a highest risk group for having autoimmune dz.

    Source(s): I am a 3rd year med student
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    You have not said if your condition is over or under active.

    Look on the net, there is tons of info.

    Thyroid problems can be alliviated by exercise, & high vitamin & minerals & improving your imune system by healthy eating (+lots of apples & onions) & addressing any problems that are causing stress. Sort it, or hand it over, or forget it is the way to try & go!

    Lavender oil helps (not lavindin) rashes topically.

    Read all about it!

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    The thyroid is associated with the immune system. The rash is a symptom of an allergy or pathogen. An allergy could be to any protein or chemical at toxic levels, and the pathogen could be a parasite, bacteria, virus, or fungus. Go here:

    Do you have a high protein diet?

    Do you dring tap water?

    I use this and it works great!

    Tell me where to send an mp3 on curing thyroid disease if you are interested.

    Good luck.

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    Here ya' go for starters. websearch thyroid rashes for more info.

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    You have to see a doctor. Something is wrong, I'm a nurse.

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