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I bought son an Ipod last Christmas, now the headset is not working,?

we tried different headsets and it still doesn't work. Purchased online from Ipod. Any recs?

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    Is it the headset that came with the Ipod? The earbuds that come with them are really horrible, and the base in their gets fuzzy after just a few uses. You can turn them in on warranty for a year after you get the Ipod at an Ipod store I think...I did this twice. After the third headset broke, I decided to get a set of sony headphones and never had a problem since. All standard headphones will work with the ipod.

    If you already tried that and the sound still sounds fuzzy or weird, then there is something wrong witht eh IPOD. If you bought it over a year ago, then the warranty is up, and you are unfortunately out of luck.

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    It's the iPod thats the problem. Also, check the volume. Maybe it's just turned down. If it's a video iPod, also check the menu and volume controls. Maybe one of your son's friends played a joke on him and made the highest your son's iPod volume could go was very low.

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    If you've tried several different headsets and it still doesn't work I would return it to should still be under warranty.

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    if u have a warrenty u can get it looked at.

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