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I need More opinions to decide!!!?

I live in Upstate which is 45 minutes to an hour away from NYU Hospital. I have a normal pregnancy i just wanna have a great ob/gyn...he is in NYC-Manhattan and delivers in Manhattan..Do you think an hour ride is way to far when your in labor? Do I have a greater chance of having it in the car?? i am comming from a fertlity specialist and I asked him this...he replied that i will cause a traffic jam..cause will probably have it in car...he claims ITS WAY TOO FAR...

Should i rather go with a 20 minute away hospital...what was your experience???thanks

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    When I got pregnant with my first, I refuse to see anyone but the family practice doctor (who also does OB for regular pregnancies) and she was about an hour and 15 minutes from my new home (I had moved with my husband when he got a promotion). I was worried about the drive to the hospital, but she said that first babies are usually slow labor and also over half of all first time moms were induced anyways. She told me not to worry, I would have plenty of time! Well, I was induced 3 days after my due date lol. So, she was right! Plus, I was in labor for 8 horrible hours with contractions 1 minute apart and I still ended in a c-section because my daughter wouldn't drop. So, in my'll have PLENTY of time!! Have a couple routes planned out (for different times of day), always have gas in the car so you'll never have to stop and have your bag packed, so you won't have to worry about it. Also, (I am sure you do anyways) maybe get a cell phone to call doctor on the way, so he knows you're coming. Just all some "just in case" things my doctor told me to do. Also, have a local OB picked out in case of a serious emergency, and all the phone numbers of your doctor, hospital, emergency OB (the one just in case), and pager of anything else you can think you may need during the trip. I heard a story of a women who lived 1.5 miles from her hospital and she delivered in the driveway because she didn't make it, so it's all in the stars anyways. But plan on being the "normal" laboring mom who will have PLENTY of time!!

    ALSO, my doctor told me they would take the distance into consideration when deciding to send me home. If they felt labor was within 24-48 hours, then they would admitt me and induce naturally (by breaking water) and if your water is already broken, they keep you automaticly anyways.

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    I lived about 35 minutes away from the best hospital in my area and chose to deliver there. We did several run-throughs at different times of the day/night to make sure we could make it there in time. My best advice for you is if you really want this doctor, then you make it work. The truth is, most of the time labor lasts 24 hours or more. Probably the worst thing that will happen is your water will break in the car. It takes a different amount of time for every woman to deliver once her water breaks (mine broke at 7 pm and I delivered at 2:51 am).

    If you leave when your contractions are 15 minutes apart, you'll make it in plenty of time. You can also ask about maybe being induced, that way it's more planned for you. (I was induced due to the fact that we were moving on the 26th and I was due on the 22nd).

    So yes, I think that you can make it to the hospital on time, I don't think delivering in a car is probably not a reality.

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    1. Consider false labor(s) trip(s).

    2. It may cause you to speed excessively trying to reach the hospital in time. Potential for an accident.

    3. Do some research around the area. Ask women with small kids or babies who delivered them and tally satisfaction. Seems hard but its not really.

    4. This may sound odd but ask the person who should be taking you if this is okay also. It is a long way with a woman in labor.

    5. Good luck.

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    I had three local hospital I could have gone to.

    I chose the Royal Womens Hospital which was a good hour and 15 minutes (had to park and walk a wee way) and my labour was 12 hours ok before it got rather heavy duty.

    Now do bare in mind that babys can come in 5 minutes! However, just ask your Guardian Angel to take care of your baby for you whilst you take care getting yourself there stress free.

    Trust.....have Faith.....OR (LOL) wear the bestest smile ever in the middle of pushing out bubby on the middle of the highway as the cars and trucks honk their horns between contractions for you....

    JUST KIDDING!!!!! Good luck and enjoy your special gift.

    Love, Light, Peace & forever laughter

    Blessings be yours,

    Harriett Potty ;)

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    I would say go with what you're more comfortable with. If you want to see the doctor of your choice than do that. There could be a chance you could have the baby within an hour there, but there's also a chance it could be 20 hours before the baby's born. Pregnancy is stressful enough so try and do what you want so you can worry about taking care of yourself now.

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    45 Minutes is not that far.Labor almost never goes that quick.I say go to NYU Hospital. As soon as you feel those fist few contractions, get in the car and you will make it in plenty of time.

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    well it kinda depends. is this ur first child? if not labor tends to go faster so tha chance of making it to tha hospital decrease. that said tho, labor usually takes hours to progress to tha stage of delivery. i personally think ud b fine. if ur unsure about where u wanna go u could always have two hospitals. so, if u dont htink that u can make it go ta tha one thats closer. if labor isnt that bad yet then go ta tha one thats further away. iv known some whove driven over an hour ta get ta their hospital n they were fine.

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    That depends entirely on your baby and how fast he/she comes. If it's a normal delivery with no anticipated problems, I would go with whatever hospital is closest. If you expect difficulty, then I would go to the best hospital available and move to a nearby hotel as the delivery date approaches.

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