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what colors for a september wedding?

so i just got engaged this past weekend and we are excited to get the colors picked out for the wedding..We are planning to get married on september 19th..i am going to have a tan dress rather then white..i was thinking that some brown would look good i just cant decide of colors for flowers and soo on!! please help if you have any suggestions!

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    Brown bridesmaids' dresses with cream colored sashes would look GREAT!! Other than that, you can do just about anything with flowers...creams, oranges, deep burgundy and a hint of yellow. Stick with the warm colors as they will go best with the brown and tan.

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    Chocolate brown would be really pretty.

    depending on where you live its still really summery out, and you could get away with pink and brown flowers, (yes there are brown flowers, talk to a florist) I recently went to a wedding where the bride had these colors and I think it was in about the end of september actually and it was really pretty. You could do burnt oranges, reds, yellows, browns and pops of lime green-it would look really colorful and pretty. Maybe chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses? I worked at a florist and I think that would make a pretty combination. If you want to go fall-y, I saw a bride that had bits of wheat stuck throughout her bouquet, that would bring in your tan! Well, hope this helps, congrats and GOOD LUCK! Take it from a girl whose 95 days out from her wedding, you'll need it!

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    I would look at the area that you are getting married in and pick colors that compliment your wedding site. If you were to get married by many trees changing color in the fall, you could select a color scheme of gold, dark orange, maroon, and dark green. You could even incorporate leaves into your bouquets and centerpieces.

    A wedding is a very personal event. Choose the colors you love and that are representative of your relationship and you will be happy with your selection.

    Congratulations! Best wishes!

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    Use natural colors that go with the season. I got married in November of 2005 and I used fall colors with a little deep turquoise, rust red, gold, yellow, and Burgundy. My dress was deep turquoise and Burgundy. The flowers were calla lillies. Hope these suggestions help and congratulations!!!

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    You should def. go with some kind of Gerbera Daisy because they are awsome looking and you can die them ANY color. Orange, burnt sienna, deep yellows, those are all good colors for the Fall. I like to pick colors by looking at the leaves change colors here in upstate NY, my friend got married in August this passed year so I helped her pick her colors as well. Good luck and congrats!!

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    Fall colors: Red, Orange, Gold, Chocolate, etc.

    Red/Orange/Yellow flowers.

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    I think it's more important to work with colours that you're fond of than to try to match the season. Though, I'll suggest a nice plum for the Fall. Dark purple shades have been very popular over the last 3 years, long-term for a colour trend, and there doesn't seem to be any waning. You could then mix plum with shades of orange and/or yellow.

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    I'd go with fall colors like red orange yellow and gold, dark red bridesmaid dresses are nice

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    I'm doing a fall theme for my September 15th wedding. I am using burgandy, ivory, and gold. My bridesmaids will wear burgandy dresses with ivory and white flowers.

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    i just recently got married this past september and i used red and orange roses with fall maple leaves in them. the colors were beautiful!!! I also bought grape vine wreaths and decorated them with maple leaves sitting on top of red table cloths with votive candles in the center of the wreaths. i made all of the flowers and for the guys they had one red rose and instead of green behind it i used a maple leaf. they were stunning

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