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how long does hair have to be to achieve african american waves (men)?

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    not long at all...i think that the waves come from keeping the hair very close to the head. hence the constant brushing and wave caps or du-rags.

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    About 1/4 of an inch,but no longer than a 1/2 inch. Try this:

    1.Wash your hair with a detangling shampoo, this will make your hair very soft. It's cheap TCB is a good brand around $2.00

    2. Towel dry and apply a "pomade"(note not all pomades are for African American Hair) "Murray's" in the orange can is the best, and don't buy that sporty wave crap! Murray's is a $1.80 and it's awesome.

    3. Purchase a Boar's Hair Brush(around $6.00) and brush your hair "constantly for a least an hour before bed. The bristles and heat generated will act like a very weak straightening comb. Leaving the hair trained and still curly enough to remain wavy.

    4. Don't waist your money on Do Rags or bandanas. they don't hold their shape, and can be expensive. Go to the dollar store or drug store and purchase some "women's pantyhose or knee highs" place them on your head ,pull them down until they form a "tight fit!! (because they wil stretch over time) , tie a knot at the top and cut with scissors.

    5. Wear the stocking whenever you are not brushing your hair. This will train the hair to lay flat and also it generates a small amount of heat that helps the semi-straightening act.

    6. WHEN YOU ARE NOT WEARING THE STOCKING, YOU ARE BRUSHING YOUR HAIR, IF NOT BRUSHING YOUR HAIR YOU ARE WEARING THE STOCKING . If you can get away with a hat at school or work, wear your stocking underneath ALL DAY!

    7. You should also "INFORM YOUR BARBER" that you are trying to grow waives, because it is possible to cut the waves out or cut the hair in away the it makes it more difficult to grow waves.

    8. You should start see a small wave pattern in about 4-6 weeks, then really have a nice set of waves in about 4-6 months. Now, if you follow these steps and after a month you don't notice any difference in your hair pattern. You will need to evaluate the texture your hair, because if it's too thick, or coarse you will have buy a "TEXTURIZER" Don't be embarrassed many guys that walk around with those "Prison Waves(you know brothers that go to prison have the best waves,because that don't have anything to do but brush their hair) actually have texturizers. Now, I'm biracial and my hair is thick but straight, so when I tried this my hair only become more straight and it wasn't curly enough to hold the wave pattern. So this may be an issue as well.

    Finally, make sure that you keep your hair clean and don't over use the pomade. It's thick and can give the apperance of your hair being gray or dirty if you use to much. If you live in a hot area like Florida ,Texas,etc. you may want to use Wella's Pink Moisturizing lotion" in the day time and your pomade at night. The pomade tends get sticky or somewhat ashy looking in intense summer heat.

    Alright I hope this helped, most important be patient it's going to seem like forever or like your arm is going to fall off. Get, a girl to brush it for you. Be cool though cuz if you piss her off and she taps you in the head with that heavy wooden brush you might be on your way out.LOL. Trust me, they love it! G'luck

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    First you'll have to get a fade then after just wear a dorag to sleep for it to help

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