I received an e-mail from another user on yahoo answers and i went to send a reply and i got a message that?

said "Oops Your email did not go through because the recipient\'s email address has not been confirmed." What do i do?


I tried that Riley!

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    Instead of clicking on reply, try this. Click on the person's name that send you the email, that will send you to their yahoo answers profile and if they allow people to email them just send your reply through their yahoo answers page. The same thing happened to me and that's what I had to do.

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    I actually have a authentic difficulty with this, and that i'll allow you to recognize why: I examine your different question, and that i examine the reaction from Roberto C - there isn't any longer some thing in his answer that even remotely signifies that he's indignant or may deliver you this e mail; it merely does no longer upload UP: there is a few thing more beneficial to this, some thing you're leaving out. It makes no experience from examining his answer, that he may deliver you that e mail. what's it that you're not any further telling us??????

  • 1 decade ago

    just ignore it.

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