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In the 1930s, Europeans said Hitler was "a silly little man." What are liberals today saying of Ahmadinejad?

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    According to the Liberal Democratic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her little entourage , Bush is completely wrong about him and we should seek his advice on winning the war on terror. They think Bush is all wrong for not talking to him and eliciting his advice . All the Democrats have been putting the Republicans on the defensive about this guy. We said he was dangerous and supplying terror organizations with man power and financial help.He was backing the insurgents terrorist acts in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East and all we heard back is how wrong we were and that "talking" to him would solve all our problems..... Hm mm mm mm....

    And to Gartal-if you were from Iran you would know how to spell Ahmadinejad .

  • pip
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    1 decade ago

    In the 1930s, Europeans said Hitler was "A silly little man." What are Europeans today saying of Bush?

  • Debra
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    I don't believe you are being honest. I've found liberals to be the ones who usually resort to censorship attempts when their fallacies are questioned, like this censorship attempt I received in an email this morning from a liberal who answered this "question" and calls himself Bush Lied Millions Died: "Message: You are a worthless piece of ****. Luckily for real Americans like myself you worthless pieces of **** have no power what so ever. When you move out of your parents house and get a real job you will understand how things work in the real world. Now wipe the spuge off your face and shut the **** up!" As you can clearly see, this liberal hates freedom of speech, as do all the liberals I've seen shouting down conservatives at countless college campuses. Your inference that Conservatives are predominantly the ones who hate freedom of speech is laughable. And I just noticed that you don't allow people to send you emails. That's being a bit of a hypocrite...

  • Tom Jr
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    Ha! That's good! Ahmadinejad as Hitler? I hadn't heard that comparison made before. Speaking of comparisons why does everyone still compare people they don't like to Hitler? It's all the rage. Why don't we go back to comparing potential enemies to Rutherford B. Hayes? I remember in grade school, the biggest taunt was "You're so gay you could be Rutherford B. Hayes!" Ahhh, good times.

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  • Anonymous
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    Liberals are saying that Ahmadinejad is "a silly little man".

    Hey, Gartal, screw you.

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  • Steven
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    Democrat or Republican all Americans would like to see a peaceful end to this war.

    I believe that you are the traitor who keeps posting dangerous and divisive questions designed to divide this country.

    What about the loyal Americans who are fighting in Iraq, we just burried our friend who was a liberal and Democrat who fought in Iraq.

    For the freedom to have two party system to vote for what we wanted. If you are a loyal American Ifeel you should violate every question he puts up or else you have been disloyal not only to this country but to the men who have died over there as Democrats loyal to the American way.

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    The want to "talk". Don't send one of the Jews, he might strap a bomb to his chest. How can you deny that Ahmadinejad is a threat? By the way, I'm a right wing, conservative and I'm not a hick, so learn to argue with some substance, and actual facts, rather than name calling, it really shows your ignorance...

  • Anonymous
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    It's funny how Ahmadinejad has gotten you so scared. he's a nobody on his way out. The more credit we give him, the more rooted he becomes. that's not a liberal view. That's the view of people who can think for themselves.

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    my dear

    you make mistake about your question because ahmadinijat & hitler's thoughts are diferent we should notice to world condition on that days ahmadi nijat is not danger for any one if we pay more attention to europe & americans operation in mideast I invite you to chat about ahmadinijat because I'm from Iran & I think I can help you to know more about ahmadinijat


  • Jon J
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    1 decade ago

    I think this is what the Europeans say now, these posters are postes all over

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