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how to get chanting?

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    Sounds like a Dreamworks/Pixar movie, narrated by Morgan Freeman. "It was time to get chanting or time to get dying. I've narrated many things in my life, but chanting was the only thing that kept me goin'. Sure, there was food and water and shelter, but in the long run, chanting saved my life..."

    In other words, let's TRY to use proper english. For to with a thanking and to you.

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    The "Daimoku" or "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" is chanted repeatedly and rhythmically.

    The voice should be strong but controlled.

    Aim at a perfectly even pace.

    The phrase is broken down into SIX syllables, each taking exactly the same time to chant. That is to say the two syllables in each of the words "Myoho" and "Renge" are given equal weight as follows:

    NAM - MYO - HO - REN - GE - KYO

    The syllables are pronounced as follows

    NAM The "A" is pronounced like the word "AH" : NAHM.

    MYO Imagine the word Yo-yo. The "yo" part of "Myo" sounds

    like the "yo" of "yo-yo" .

    Now suppose there was a man named "Tim Yo". Say the name out loud.

    The sound of "m" at the end of "Tim" "blends" with the "yo" to form the combined sound "myo": Ti"M YO" Cut out the "Ti" sound and you are left with the correct sound for "Myo"

    HO The word "HOE" (the garden tool) sounds exactly right.

    REN The name of the bird "WREN" sounds exactly right.

    GE The word "GAY" sounds right.

    KYO This sounds exactly like the "KYO" in ToKYO.

    PACE: Most people chant at about 1½ seconds per Daimoku or 40 Daimoku per minute. Some people chant much faster. When chanting on your own, choose the speed you feel comfortable with. In a group, follow the pace of the leader without trying to force the pace slower or faster.

    DURATION Chant for as long as you feel like chanting. Nichiren Daishonin's only instruction to his disciples (us) was "Chant to your heart's content".

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    What is your question? Its not very clear. If you want a CD go to a religious store. Barnes & Noble would have that type of music also.

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    Listen to rhythmic music and have people around you do the same thing.

    Mass hysteria will soon kick in.

    I.E Speaking in tongues.

    People can be so gullible.

    *Apologizes for ignorance.

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  • MAN oh man....listen to trance and automaticall you will start to chant...

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