Need advice?

Need Advice?

There is this guy that I am friends with. We have been in a casual dating situation. Neither one of us was looking for an attachment. One night he called me and he had a couple of drinks and was upset about some family stuff. He told me he felt I was the only person he could call and he didn't want to call anyone else. He told me he loved me and he wanted to be attached now. I went over there a few days later. We just hung out and talked. I didn't bring up anything about what he said cause of the stuff he had going on. Last week he apologized for not being able to talk to me lately. Last night I got a text from him apologizing for being distant, that his grandmother had died and the funeral was Wednesday. Does he want me to go? We haven't brought up what he said to me that night. Do I take him seriously? I've started having feelings for him that I'm afraid to admit. I can just sit and watch tv with him and its a good time. I've never had that.

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    Does he want you to go to the funeral? Probably not, unless he asks you outright. Afterall, if you're telling a friend your plans for the weekend, doesn't mean you want them there the whole time. You could send some flowers though.

    Should you take him seriously? Depends how drunk he was. Normally alcohol supresses inhibition, so chances are it's what he really feels about you, even if he doesn't want to admit it to anyone, himself included.

    I think you should bring it up, as you have feelings for him too. He might not want to say anything because he worries you might not feel the same way.

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    wooooh...slow down here. Let this family stuff calm down. This is NOT the time to start a relationship with someone. If he needs a friend to provide a shoulder to cry on, be there for him but starting a relationship now will only open you up for a lot of hurt! Being alone when a family member you are close to dies is HARD, he is probably just sad and lonely and you are always someone that has been there for him. I would continue to be there for him but guard yourself for a few weeks.

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    I personally would just wait it out ( concerning whether or not you attend the funeral) until HE asks you.

    You, im sure, know how it goes.....MOST people say the TRUTH when theryre drunk, say whats deep inside and what they really feel.

    I think you ought to wait and see if he makes another move. I only say this bc' all that he is going thru with g-ma passing on, and all that.

    WHEN he does make that next "confirmation" that he meant what he said when he was drinking.....go for it! Tell him how you have developed the same feelings of getting more serious and committed with him! *I really hope this works out for you!

    GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and Merry upcoming CHRISTmas!!!!~

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    at times some family issues could be so disturbing that you are not yourself, you are not happy etc. So it is possible he is going through a difficult time in life and it so happened to be when he wants to settle with you and have a normal life, my advice is "be there for him, call and check him out, make sure he is cheerful as often as possible, you might be the only one in the whole world that can do that, then when all this is all over he would be himself again, once agian show him your support now"

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    Maybe he hasn't told you anymore since, cause he might think you don't feel the same way or you need time to think about it. I think you should mention to him, that you would like to be there to support him in his grandma's funeral. Tell him how you really feel, that should lift his spirits now that he is having a hard time. If he says nothing, don't fret, remember what he is going through and he will need time to digest. Good Luck!

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    what I would do is ask him if he wants you to go or not and just be there for him cause if he needs a friend to talk to and he only wants to talk to you then just talk to him and if he was really close to his grandmother make sure he's eating and getting sleep and if he is your best friend and you feel like he's closer than a friend to you then he may be a really good boyfriend cause he knows what buttens to push to make you mad and to make you happy and sad to just play it safe and don't push him to talk to you unless there's something that is really bothering him and he need to get it out in the open that's all I can tell you

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    Call him and see how he's doing w/ his grandmother passing away. Tell him you'd like to talk about some of the things he said to you on the phone the other night. Tell him you have something you'd like to tell him also. Good luck and God Bless.

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    Tell him how u feel & ask if he wants u 2 go 2 his Grandma's funeral.

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    Be patient and wait for the family stuff to slow down. Then, he sounds like he will be more interested.

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    to me it sounds like he is really trying to be a good friend.. he needs a friend with his grandma dying..just try to be that good friend for now.. if he wants to move it up a notch he will.

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