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A Cena Peace Treaty!?

As most of you know I'm no longer a Cena Hater,but I'm not a fan either,I'm on indifferent grounds about him,but even though I'm no longer a hater seems like this place still dosen't lack for the Cena haters and Cena fans getting angry!

Look Cena Haters,you should let it go agree to disagree!Besides I know from experience the nasty posts about him only upset others and get deleted!FACE IT they like who they like!

Cena fans,you shouldn't take their bad mouthing to heart!Even though you may be a huge fan of his dosen't give you a right to cuss someone out for talking crap about him or reporting people!

Anyway in conclusion I'm saying this is America,where you have a right to like or dislike anyone or thing you want!So who's on board with this movement?


Thank you!At least got one person on board!YAY ME!

Update 2:

J B Gemini,you make it sound good and I marginally agree with some of your facts(i.e.paper champs),but I'm a be a Baby face for a while!

Update 3:

HOLY $HIT,SOME PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! When I was a Cena Hater I NEVER sent him death threats(thats going WAY too far!),and when I was a Cena fan I never sent death threats to Cena Haters (even though a select FEW Cena fans on Yahoo answers sent me a few death threats when I was a Cena hater,to the point that I had to turn off my email for yahoo answers)Some people SERIOUSLY take some things WAY too far!

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    I am!

    Sorry Monique, I'd say more, but I'm kinda on the edge of running rampant on a few customers here so I will close.


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    Monique, I respect your decision to let it go agree to disagree. I remember some post when you had my back and I had yours. But I can't sit idly by and let the prisoners run the prison. There has to be a voice of justice, an opinion for the people who believe in wrestling and not gimmicks and paper champs. And If I have to carry the Good Fight By myself so be it.

    I'll let the Lovers say what they say and then I'll iintervene with facts, stats, and my opinions.

    Come back to the Dark Side of the force

    Continue the Anti Cena Coalition.

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    Ofcourse, even Cena said that people choose who to root for. However, he sacrifices his body everytime for all of us, right? So, ok, haters can say that they dislike him, but they dont have the right to go say trash about him,send him death threats and do all that horribile stuff. Because at the end everyone should respect the other. If you like him, you like him. Hate him, hate him, that's how life goes, but hate with respect atleast.

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    Thank you. We live in America and the constitution says we have the right to choice. If u choose to like someone or dislike someone, that is ur choice. Don't just post bad things about ppl just to get them mad. There are more important things in the world.

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    So,where do I sign?You might be in America,but Yahoo Answers is global,so the Yahoo users might not be in America,they might be living in a not so free country.

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    I am. don't we watch wrestling to cheer who we want? Nobody really sucks. it's just our opinion. people say cena sucks cuz everybody else was saying it. And cena is cool cuz wwe says so. who cares what anyone thinks.either you like cena or you don't.

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    it just goes to show u that people who watch too much wwe are controversial 24/7

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    I luv Cena..... So I really agree

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    no one could say it better tyvm 4 puttin this up

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    cant agree with u more

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