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Lovebird Help?!?

I recently decided to get a lovebird. I've wanted a pet bird for a while now and I found an add in the paper and I went and got it. The bird isn't very people friendly. I've never had a bird before. Is there a way to get the bird to adjust to me? How do I do it? The bird is around 4 months old, but I don't know anything else about it. Also, how do you know if it's male or female?

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    Well, one of the best ways to get a the bird used to you, it to sit by its cage and offer the bird its favorite treat, with these species they often like millet spray(you can purchase at any major pet store) cut off a very small piece. Try feeding it to the bird thru the cage, once it's comfortable with that step, you can try offer the treat from your hand. The main thing is to take baby steps, earn the birds trust. I also recommend reading some bird books, I recommend some by Barbara Heindenreich, she also has a magazine called Good Bird Inc., there are great trips on helping you and your companion bird!

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    I personally would never have bought a bird that wasn't person friendly. I did it once when I first got into keeping birds as pets, and I ended up adopting him to a gal that had more time to make him sweet, from what I understand he's still a pill! The best thing you can do is clip his wings, give him treats everytime he is out of the cage with you etc. Also when you do play with him, take him into a darker room not like pitch black, but just so theres not a whole lot of light, so then he's more dependent on you, this will force him to trust you. Once the trust is established then you can work on everything else!

    Also how to tell the sex on lovies, theres a couple ways, do a pelvic check, the bird is a little young, you might have to wait a couple more months to do this but you feel the pelvic bone if both sides come to pretty much a point you have a male. On a female you should be able to put your pinky finger in between the space of the hips. Also males will stand pretty much with their feet together, and females have a wider stance. Another way to tell is females are stockier, and males are shorter and much thinner! Good luck!

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    OK, here we go the bird isn't used to you so what you must do is get the bird out of the cage everyday and play with him/her even if it is just a few minutes a day it has to be done. I know this because we bought our kids some birds and they had to do it . It will take some time but please just be patient with it . The little bird is scared and don't really know you that well. Part two of your question - how can you tell if it is a male or female is on the bridge of the nose if the color is dark it is a male if it is lighter then it is a female. Or you could take the bird to Pet smart or your vet. and let them tell you. I hope this helps.

  • u can always ask people that u know have had a lovebird and ask them 4 advice. Birds sometimes take some getting used to/ I've never had a pet bird but over the summer i did have to take care of one because the owner was out of town. Or u can just take your lovebird to da vet. And if u want 2 save money look @ the 1st answer i put up there.

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    I live with two lovebirds. They only way to find out if they're male or female is via blood test. They clip the nail too short and take a couple of drops of blood to send away to a lab.

    Female lovebirds can be extremely nippy and territorial of their cage. Male lovies can be incredibly sweet and cuddly. Females will want things to shred so get a few toys like popsicle sticks or mini piniatas from the pet store. They also like tents to sleep in. The only way to get a friendly lovebird is to handle it often and every day. It should be out of its cage for at least a couple of hours a day. Put it on your shoulder if you feel safe doing so and let it bond with you. Step ups are the first thing to train your bird to do. Put your finger gently infront of it's belly just above it's legs and press in and say "step up" if you go too slowly the bird will move if you go too fast it'll freak out and flee so do it at a medium pace. Once you've got the bird in your hands take it into a room like the bathroom and repeat the step ups so it's climbing up your fingers.

    Good luck. You can always google parrot training tips.

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    Unfortunately the only way to tell a love bird's sex is through a blood test that can be preformed by your birds veterinarian. However they are expensive and I bet your new bird isn't going to appreciate it very much.

    As for the friendly thing, birds are social animals, but are also very susceptible to stress and fear (after all you are a lot bigger then he is). Most good pet birds need to be hand raised which means that from birth they are feed and cared for directly by humans (usually a breeder) if a bird wasn't had raised you are going to be hard pressed to get it to warm up to you without scaring it to death.

    The best suggestion I have for you is to give it time. Let him out off his cage just by opening the door, let him explore, and when he is ready he will come to you.

    Best of luck... I know it can be hard but they are a really rewarding and wonderful pet in the end.

    Source(s): Pet Bird's Igi and Simon.
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    Lovebirds aren't known for being the greatest talkers; they can learn to whistle some simple tunes, though. If you want a talker, try for a cockatiel or perhaps a conure. Best of luck, Phoenix

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    you wont know if its male or female without a DNA test. in order to tame it a little, make sure his wings are clipped, talk to him in a very happy voice, cheerful almost. spend a lot of time near his cage and give him some time to adjust. i have 2 lovebirds and that worked for me. don't react if it bites you, just make sure to tell him no in a firm voice and if you need to encourage him to come out, use a towel to grab him and once he is out, teach him to step up and down(so he knows you are boss). give him treats, buy him toys and again, give him time. he will soon see you as a friend. don't get another lovebird until you tame this one otherwise it will be virtually impossible to tame them. good luck, keep us posted!!!

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    join this club.... ..they were so helpful when I started with my first bird!!! they even have specific groups for different types of birds... smile

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