How do I load ".iso" file i windows without burnign it to disk or adding another program?

I'm trying to load a program that's stored as a .iso file, but I don't want to have to install a second program just to be able to load it without having to waste a disk. is there a way?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the best thing that ive found is using WinRAR for your zipping utility. that will allow you to open an iso file without burning a disk first.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alcohol is a nice option, indeed. However, I found Deamon Tool is much easier to set up and use. With nice third-party add-on like YASU, Deamon is a much more wiser choice. One thing to notice though, if u wanna open .iso file of the PSP game, I suggest u use UMDGenerator cause using normal softs make the .iso file corrupted.

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    what you need is a virtual image loading software. The best one is called alcohol 120%. This would allow you to load your iso onto your drive without burning it to disk.

    ** caution ** using this software and others like it tend to slow down the computer.

  • 1 decade ago

    as written earlier

    ISO is an IMAGE file...

    it can be instatlled or used even using NERO

    but you need to create a virtual drive... Nero Premium and Alchol do it

    with Alchol u need to create a virtual drive once that is done then go to search the image files and once its added on ur search then mount it on the virtual drive using right clicking on the iso file

    its pretty easy.... try either

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    1 decade ago

    google ISO Magic

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    Sorry--dont know--really i need to load it into linux-ubuntu--guess i should have been more specific about my operating system

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