I am trying to find something different to make for Christmas. A side dish and dessert, and maybe some treats.

I need a side dish, a dessert and some treats. Yummy but yet easy to do!


Something besides the traditional side items. Also looking for a real authenic italian cannoli receipe.

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    OKay, this is the BEST SIDE you ever had..

    Mash some boiled potatos, put them in a satay pan. Cut up squash into thin sticks, Fry bacon, chop into small peices, and pitch it into the mix.

    Add some bacon drippings too. And heaton stove unil a yellowish color, and warm

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    well, the side dishes depend on what your main course is, but..... rice pilaf is nice and goes with all kinds of meats- there's even a frozen version that's good put out by Birds-Eye. Any veggie in cheese sause is yummy, but especially brocolli and cauliflower. You can steam some carrots and sprinkle them with cinnamon.

    Desserts are easy- rice pudding is yummy, and you can often get it ready made at the grocery store. Egg nog is very festive, with some basic cookies (I like oatmeal raisin).

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    One bunch of asparagas

    Package of flour tortillas

    Parboil asparagas

    Chill in cold water

    Wrap 2-3 asparagas in the tortillas

    Prepare large skillet with cooking oil

    Deep fry the asparagas until golden brown

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    This is my family's favorite Christmas cookie. Children love them.

    Greek Cookies

    1lb. butter (beaten).

    ½teaspoon salt.

    1cup powdered sugar.

    1egg (beat good).

    ½cup orange juice.

    ¼cup baking soda.

    Mix juice and soda together first.

    2teaspoon vanilla.


    Mix with hands till like pie dough.

    Bake at 325* for 15 min. or until done. Roll in powdered sugar while hot. Twice.

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    Rice Krispy treats are so easy to do and people absolutely love them! I cut them into bitesized pieces so it's easier for people to eat. Sometimes I also add nuts or raisins, etc. They go pretty fast.

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    Different from what? I am afraid it is hard to tell when one does not know what you are used to making.

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