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what is the best way to lose weight?

Im 5'4 and I weigh about 150 pounds and I want to lose about 30 pounds and tone so what should I do???

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    Cut WAY down on fat intake, eat about 130 grams of carbohydrates a day, cut down on sugar or use equal type sweeteners, don't drink sodas or if you do drink the diet kind, drink lots of water, eat veggies, yes even potatoes. YES!!! Use butter buds or molly mc butter instead of butter. Drink skim milk.

    Eat fruit, even canned fruit. Check for the kind with no fat grams and low sugar. EXERCISE every day. Go to for a personal exercise plan FREE.----also check fitnessmagazine (online) for a Free program-----Good Luck

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    Running would be the best thing to do. I have two kids(5&1) and don't have time to workout, but I run and I've been losing weight. I lost 9 pounds in a month in a half. I also put on my itunes and dance for an hour (hip hop/rap) hope this helps. Oh and cut out all the junk food (if you eat any like soda or cookies etc)

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    I have been working really hard to get a sexy body. I go to the gym every day, watch what I eat, but still could not get the body I wanted. That was until I found this body cleansing stuff. I was able to get the sexy body I wanted in 9 days. I did a 9 day cleanse and lost 10 pounds and 15 inches! This was GREAT! I had been working so hard for over a year to get this, and this program gave me what I wanted in 9 days. I found out that many body builders use this to get ready for competitions because the protein in the shakes builds muscle and the cleanse helps to get rid of the toxins stored in the fat cells. When the toxins are removed, the fat cells shrink and you definitely can tell in the way your clothes fit! I recommend this product for anyone wanting to get a better looking body quickly. Find out about it at this toll free number 1-877-587-4647. It is not a cheap program, but it is worth it! You can also get it at this website

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    I think 30 pounds is a bit too much to lose considering your height and current weight!

    I do Weight Watchers Online. It is the only diet that has ever worked for me and I have tried them all. I lost 60 pounds in 8 months - it would have been more if I had been excercising.

    Give it a try.

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    Have you tried a cleanse? I've been trying exercise only for 4 months and I only dropped 13 lbs. But with cleaning and a little exercise I lost 16 lbs and 20 inches in a month. I tried a 9 day cleanse. I'm going to do it again next month. My doctor recommended this product to me for my weight loss. With a good cleanse you can lose up to 10 lbs in 9 days. And it's not just water weight. Just cleanse, eat healthy and exercise at least 30 mins - 1 hour 3 times a week. In 17 weeks I've lost 35 lbs and 77 inches. Good luck.

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    Many patients ask me how they can slim down. I recommend that people eat right and exercise. However, if they would like a little "help", I suggest using Hoodia X600 Plus (it's important to note that not all Hoodia works well, even if the bottle says "pure" or "standard").

    The Hoodia 600X Plus being sold at is in my opinion, the best product on the market. It's pure, no side effects, and they give you a free 15 day sample (there is a $7.99 shipping charge, but they also give you free recipe and diet guides). My patients have seen fantastic results with this particular Hoodia.

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    To lose weight there are a number of methods that you should combine:

    - eat less calories than you are actually burning.

    - eat small frequent meals (try to eat something every 3 hours)

    - base your food on natural un processed food as provided by nature

    To tone up:

    - Adding natural protein found in white meat every day (preferably more than once)

    - Reduce but do not remove carbohydrates from your diet

    - exercise to build a slight muscle underneath your skin, (so you won't be just thin and be nothing but skin, water and bones)

    Rest and sleep regularly.

    If you need more info, just lemme know.

    Good luck!

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    Firstly you need to exercise (any) that gets your heart rate above 100 but not above 130/min for ~30 mins ~5 times a week. Heavier exercise has the problems of running into glucose deficiency & them moving into muscle protein stripping.

    Then you need to eat healthily with low GI foods as much as possible, but restricting your intake of calories especially in the area of "bad fats", but you need some "good fats"like raw sunflower seeds (omegar 6, Zinc, vit E ritch) 1 table spoon a day and ground flax seed (omegar 3 & fibre ritch) 1 desert spoon a day.

    Finally you should take 1 table spoon of lecithin granules a day as this is the natural emulsifier that enables your body to move fat around and thus use it when needed, it is used extensivly by body builders to enhance muscle definition -by removing fat under the skin.

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    Hi Ashley!

    You need to create a calorie deficit for yourself. Burn more calories than you consume. This energy is then required from your fat stores to make up the difference. This is "fat burning."

    Thus, you should figure out how many calories you burn in a steady state (BMR). After you figure this out, you don't want to consume more calories than this in order to fat burn (lose weight). It really is quite simple after this.

    I believe this answers your question, but if not, you may email me.

    Good luck on your diet and fitness goals!

    Trainer Gregg

    "I am here to help."

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    Hey Ash..

    I tried doing exercises at the Gym 1st to gain my muscle & i thought my muscle could help me burn my fat faster. But during the process, i become bigger size than before after 5months. My muscle & fat are still in my body.. Ha Ha..

    Now, i tried "Herbalife" weight loss products & my weight, inches & cholesterol in my body dropped.. Try this out better!

    Feel free to contact me for more info!

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