Are there any natural treatments for adult ADD?

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    2-4,dinitrophenylhydrazine, but failing that google it.

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    Attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has good remedies in unani medicine.

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a highly publicized childhood disorder that affects approximately 3 percent to 5 percent of all children. What is much less well known is the probability that, of children who have ADHD, many will still have it as adults. Several studies done in recent years estimate that between 30 percent and 70 percent of children with ADHD continue to exhibit symptoms in the adult years.

    The first studies on adults who were never diagnosed as children as having ADHD, but showed symptoms as adults, were done in the late 1970s by Drs. Paul Wender, Frederick Reimherr, and David Wood. These symptomatic adults were retrospectively diagnosed with ADHD after the researchers' interviews with their parents. The researchers developed clinical criteria for the diagnosis of adult ADHD (the Utah Criteria), which combined past history of ADHD with current evidence of ADHD behaviors. Other diagnostic assessments are now available; among them are the widely used Conners Rating Scale and the Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scale.

    Typically, adults with ADHD are unaware that they have this disorder—they often just feel that it's impossible to get organized, to stick to a job, to keep an appointment. The everyday tasks of getting up, getting dressed and ready for the day's work, getting to work on time, and being productive on the job can be major challenges for the ADHD adult.

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    You could devise different systems that make it impossible for you to forget various objects, like keys. For example, you could put some sort of cover on the door handle or door lock to prevent you from locking it without doing something slightly inconvenient. Or you could put your car keys on a long string attached to your belt loop. Or make it impossible to lock your car door from the outside without using the key. If you're cooking, you could put a twist-tie on your finger before turning on the oven or stove. You could change the way you store your credit card before and after handing it to someone. For example, you could always put it in your shirt pocket instead of on the counter. You could try yoga or meditation courses that develop skills for calming one's mind and focusing attention, and generally cultivating an uncluttered mental state. I suppose you could try Ephedra tea, but that's pretty much the same as using "drugs" since it contains the natural substance ephedrine, which mimics some of the effects of ritalin and adderall.

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    yes, a liquid vitamin called VIBE made from all natural fruits and veggies no additives or preservitive. water soluble, ionized, proper partcal size. there are tesimonies of helping with add an adhd. if it helps with macular degeneration it will help you! call me for more information 320 979 3721 or e-mail me at XXXL_chucker

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    Pure Therapuetic grade Lavender, Cedarwood essential oils and more! also blends like peace an clm, magnify your prpose joy and more. also the omega blues and b vitamins you can find most of these products at I SUFFERED WITH ADULT ADD AND DEPRESSION AND THIS IS WHAT HAS HELPED ME GREATLY!!!

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    There is a supplement called MinTran that can be used for ADD, we used it with my son and found that it took just enough of the edge off that he could concentrate better.

    Good Luck

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    sorry if this sounds harsh but i am sick of society blaming everything on ADD or anxiety or depresion.

    Just live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come on if you have ADD do things to control it, my wife complains about forgeting things and having to schedule/order to her day to day projects and household work - ok no problem just make a chart to keep track and make a schedule, write notes to remind yourself

    if somthing depress you don't do it, if it is somthing the happened that caused it do somthing that makes you feel good

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    A little notepad and pen.

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    Growing up and getting a life rather than blaming your inadequacies on something that may not really exist?

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    Acupuncture and chinese medicinal herbs

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